Building Blocks of Technofunda Investing

Building Blocks of Technofunda Investing
1. Mindset / Investing Psychology
2. Principles
3. Screening
4. Sector Analysis / Company Analysis
5. Technical Analysis / PV action
6. Capital Allocation
7. Risk Management
8. Portfolio Allocation & Rebalancing
Do You know Yourself?
Do You have right mindset to deal with your investing goals?
What is the objective of Investment?
What is Compounding Effect?
What is your investing Strategy?
What are the Fundamentals of Investing?
What are the best Stock Screeners?
Do Stock Screeners work?
How do you pick a stock?
How to do Price Volume Screening?
How do you TA of a Stock?
Why do TA indicators fail?
Which is the best Software for TA?
Does TA work for Investing?
Which Timeframe is best for Investing?
How many Technical Indicators should I use?
Are TA Indicators useless?
9. Asset Allocation
10. Tools & Resources
How do you allocate your capital?
What is the capital of the business?
Why is RM important in Investing?
How do you manage risk when Investing?
When should you sell a stock?
Have a robust exit strategy
What is a balanced portfolio?
How do I build a strong portfolio?
Which tools to use to build Technofunda Investing Systems?
What books should one read?
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