MOTION OF ELECTRON IN MAGNETIC FEILDmotion of electron longitudinal to uniform magnetic field An electron of velocity V enters in uniform magnetic field of strenght,the magnetic feild acting on electron is given, F=0 (sinA=0 [angle=0*])motion of electron perpendicular to uniform magnetic fieldmotion of electron in trensverse magnetic field B and it is entered with velocity V,therefore F=eVB (sinA=90)formulas obtainedradius of electron R=mV/eBtime period T=2*3.14*m/eBAngular velocity w=eB/mMotion of elctron at acute angle or Helical Path in magnetic field.An electron is moving with velocity V in uniform magnetic field with angle A and the magnetic field acting in components(X and Y).formulas obtainedradius of electron R=mVsinA/eBPitch T=2*3.14*mV*cosA/eBMagnetostatic deflection D=LlB(e/2mVa)^1/2magnetic deflection sensitivity S=D/BDeflection Factor = reciprocal of magnetostatic deflection sensitivity.Bethe's Lawwhen an electron in uniform magnetic feild move from lowedr potential to higher potencial,electron gets accelerated and bented towards the normal.sinA/sinB=V1/V2=(potential deference 1/potential deference 2)^1/2.
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