Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing for companies
Make engaging posts with a content calender
Timely posts with a scheduler.
The posts should be informative or engaging or weird or uncanny to go viral or capture peoples emotions or making video posts
Plugging your product wherever possible in the posts
Join 200+ groups in niche related groups and keep sharing your posts for engagement
The groups should be from high value countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia where people actually visit groups.
Sending friend requests to people who engage and message them about your product or how you can help them.
Make really aesthetic posts
Same content strategy as facebook
Search for hashtags in your niche
Follow people based on results from those hashtags and grow followers
Keep posting posts stories videos reels and have your website in the bio or give links in the posts and stories if your profile is verified.
Have your company link in the bio of instagram profile
Once people like your posts you can plug your product in their inbox
Sales navigator can be used to connect with people,verify peoples identity and message them directly
Create high quality videos with DSLR and production minimum. Nobody cares about generic videos
Use keyword to find easily ranking keyword and make videos on these topics or on topics you can speak a lot about. Or uncanny or funny topics
Use VidIQ to try and rank your videos using hashtags and SEO techniques
Have your links embedded in the description of the video. You have to plug your product in the middle of the video with a solid call to action for the person to visit the link in the description.
try googling people directly and scrapping their email. Feed it to an email sender and keep mailing them directly with offer and product or service info
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