Mark Anthony's Speech

Mark Anthony's SpeechEthos LogosPathosMark talks about the time when he offered Caesar the crown three times at the Lupercal feast but he rejected.This element is also portrayed when he says,"...Bear with me.My heart is in the coffin there with Caesar and I must pause until it returns to me..."The audience respects him. The Plebeians say,"We'll listen to him,we'll follow him,we'll die with him..."The fact that it is a speech earns him the audience.For example his reference to the audience as,"Friends,country men,Romans..."He also continues to say,"...Then you and I and all of us fell down while bloody treason triumphed..."The Caesar's death deserves to be avenged.This is because he is a Noble man.He is a loyal friend and cousin to Caesar.He greatly identifies with the native crowd therefore people listen to him.He urges the crowd to respect Caesar in his capacity.He was killed unfairly.He explains that he loved his people and that their interests were at heart.He continues to say,"...When the poor cried,he cried.He wasn't an overly ambitious and selfish person as Brutus put it. Caesar deserve such a brutal death.
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