Main Kriya

Main Kirya or Proper KriyaBody PostureSit Errect in Vajrasana,Sukhasana or PadmasanaApply Gnana Mudra or Sahaja MudraFace East or NorthGet RelaxedPut your Gaze fixed on KootasthaVisualizationBreath-in through MoolaadharaFrom Mooladhara to Kootastha(Agna+Ve) through Swadhistaana, Manipura, Anahata, Visuddha, Agna negative Chakras in the Spinal cord(Merudanda)Retain at Kootasta(Agna+Ve) for 6 secondsBreath-out through Kootasta(Agna+ve) to Mooladhara through Agna-ve, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Swadistana chakras in the Spinal cord(Merudanda)Retain at Mooladhara for 6 SecondsOne kriya= One year good or bad karmaIn the next consecutive Breaths-out do not put any effort to retain it outside the body Let it come by itselfWhile observing the Breath-in and Breath-out like this, at some point of time, your mind will be interiorized and slips into Samadhi. Enjoy this Samadhi, the union with ParaBrahman, God the fatherApply Khechari Mudra15 Seconds6 Seconds15 Seconds6 SecondsTotal: (15+6)+(15+6): 42 SecondsMaha Mudra & SamadhiNow do MahamudraDo 108 Kriyas with Khechari MudraDo Jyoti Mudra applying Khechari MudraBehold the THIRD EYEGet into the inner most silver effulgent triangle and merge with it. Enjoy the blissThen get into long meditationThen take a long breathHold it as long as possibleHear the sound of OM or behold Light whichever comes firstEnter into Light or sound When you cannot hold the breath further, then exhale it or Breath-outHear the sound of OM or behold Light whichever comes firstEnter into Light or soundIf you get samadhi in any chakra just cease all other activities like proceeding to upper chakra etcSamadhi means sama (merging with) adhi( Paramatma)Do long hansas till you get Samadhi