Separation of Substance

Sepration of sutanceThreshingCondensationEvaporationFiltrationSedimentation and DecantationSievingHand-pickingWinnowingThe method used to separate chaff from the grain by wind or blowwing air called winning.The process of beating harvested crops to sepraate the grains from the stalks is called threshing.The process in which a liquid a gas is called evaporation.The smaller component passes through the pores of the sieve,whereas the larger component (stone or husk) is left behind in it.a.Rice,wheat,pulses,etc.,that we buy from the market may contain impurities.The method of sepation used in such a case is hand -picking. The process in which a gas changes into a liquid is called condetionThe solid particles that settle down during sedimentation are called sediments. The process of pouring out the clear upper liquid without disturbing the sediments in called decantation.The process by which two substances(an insoluble solid and a liquid are sepration by passing the through a filering device is called filtrating device is called filtration.
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