Events that led to WW2

WW II1931: Jap attacks Manchuria and creates Manchukuo1933: Hitler chancellorrise of fascism in Japmilitary overthrows civilian govt. which opposed Manchukuo1933: attacks NE China1937: full invasion of China2nd Sino-Jap war 1937-451932-33: World Disarmament ConfJap withdrew from LoNGr withdrew from LoN and WDC1933: It - USSR Non-Agression Pactdue to rise of Hitler1934: Hitler - Rearmament in Gr1934: USSR joins LoN1934: Gr - Poland Non-Agression Pactbreaks Little Entente of FrPo feared of Gr and little faith in Fr ∵ Great Dep1934: 1st attempt at Anschluss by Grdefeated by MussoliniUnion of Gr and AustriaNazis of Austria murdered Austrian Chancellor1935: Conscription by HitlerIt - Br - Fr sign Stressa Frontreaffirms Locarno treatiesBr & Fr guarantee Austrian borders1935: Fr - USSR Non-Military alliancebut not Military alliance bcoz Left-Right wing diff. in FrRight wing didn't like USSR1935: Br - Gr Naval AgreementGr - 35% navy of Brbroke Stressa frontItaly felt cheated ⇒ drifted closer to Gr1935: Italy annexes Abyssiniarecover from Depto ↑ Mussolini's popularity1936: Gr-Jap Anti-Comintern pactBr & Fr mild sanctions on Ita to save Stressa Frontthis still angered Mussolinibroke Stressa FrontIta still closer to Gr1936: Rome-Berlin Axis"all peace loving nations should revolve around this axis"1936-39: Spanish Civil warb/w right wing Franco and left wing communistsHitler and Mussolini supportedwanted Fascist presence in AtlanticBut finally Sp didn't join WW II1937: Italy joins Anti-Comintern Pactalliance It - Gr - Jap complete1937: Full invasion of China by Jap1939: Anschluss with Austria complete1938: Munich ConfHitler demands Sudetenland from Cz70% industries of Cz in SudentWorld promised Sudent to Gr but Cz should be freeHitler annexes whole of Cz anyways1939: Gr-USSR 10yr Non-Agression pactsecret clause of dividing Poland b/w them1939: Gr attacks PolandBr & Fr come to aidWW II begins6 month phoney war with Fr1942: Gr breaks pact and attacks USSRJap attacks US at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii∵ US against Jap expansion in SE Asia Italians were defeated by the nationalists in the 1876 Battle of Adowadefeated FrGr Blitz Kreig ie., short term victorymassive attack by air and ground troopsa pre-emptive strikewanted Lebensraum = living spacefor Gr capturing areas east until Ural mts.
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