Electroral politics

Electoral politicsNeed for ElectionsVoters can choose the peoplewho would make law for them.Elections A mechanism or procedure by which people choose their representatives at regular intervalsVoters can choose those who wouldform government and take decisions.Voters can choose the political party whichwould guide the government and law makingFeatures of democratic elections Every adult citizen (above years) shouldbe able to choose.Elections should offerchoices to the people.Choice of selecting rulers shouldbe offered at regular intervals.Most preferred candidateshould get electedFree and fairelections to be heldTypes of elections General elections BY- Elections Mid - term elections The Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha in a state are normally elected every 5 YRS. which is known as General elections If a representative form a constituency dies while in office,or if office falls vacant because of reasons like resignation, fresh elections are held in a particular constituency such an election is called by election If the Lok Sabha or any state assemblies ( Vidhan Sabha) is dissolved before the expiry of its full term, and elections are held to constitute a new house, it is called mid term elections Election commision: The entire process of election in our country is conducted, controlled and supervised by an independant body called the election commision.Constituency: Voters in a geographical area who elect a representativesto legislative bodies.Modle of conduct: A set of norms and guidlines to be followed by political parties and contesting candidates during election times Incumbent: The current holders of political office. Usually the choice for the voters in the elections is between the incumbent party or candidate those who oppose themTurnount: the percentage of eligible voters who cast their in an elections. Booth capturing: Supporters or hired musclemen of a party or a candidate gain physical control of a polling booth, and cast false votes by threathing everyone or by preventing genuine veoters from reaching the polling booth. Mind Brush-up pointsImportant TERMS Rigging: Fraud or malpreactises indulged by a party or a candidates to increase it votes. It includes stuffings ballot boxes by a few persons using the votes of others, recording multiple votes by same person and bribing or coercing polling officers to favour a candidate.election procedure: Announcements of datesNomination by the candidateScrutinizing of nomination papers Withderwal of nominationsPublication on final lists: election campaignPollingCounting of votes Declarationof results