volcano concept map example 1

volcano concept map
Igneous rock
that is rich in
plate tectonics:
Earth's outer shell is
divided into several
Magma: A cone forms
volcanic eruptions.
Volcanoes: It is the largest one of all. when
it explodes large
amount of pyroclastic
are deposited
Felsic: Rock that is
rich in feldspars and silica
Viscosity: the state of
being thick, sticky, and
semi fluid in consistency
Shield Volcanoes:
Gently sloping sides are
called shield volcanoes
Lava: Magma that flows
onto earth’s surface.
Cinder Cones: Very steep
slopes is a Cinder Cones.
It’s angles can be close to
40 digress.
Silica Content: Igneous
rocks are formed by
the crystallisation of a magma.
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