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English Teacher Job Description
Job Title
Job description
Job Responsibilities
Job Requirement
English Teacher
10th Grade
By offering exceptional instruction
in general AP English education,
the 10th grade English teacher
contributes to Ashton High School's
purpose of student accomplishment.
The 10th grade English teacher will
teach four classes every day, with
one time dedicated to preparation
and marking. During and after school
tasks, student counseling, and personal
website management are among
the additional obligations.
Make three unique lesson plans for
3 separate topics.
Communicate and interact in a timely
and efficient manner.
All kids should get excellent,
individualized teaching.
Experiential lesson design can help
students learn more effectively.
Assist with schoolwork as needed.
Maintain a class webpage containing
assignments and information about the class.
Mastery of the English Curriculum guide
in grade 10
Committed to the success of students
Parental communication experience
The ability to manage a classroom
Excellent written and oral communication
Computer abilities such as website
maintenance, email, and word processors
are required.
Salary ranges from $35,000 to $40,000,
depending on the candidate's degree
and experience.
Medical coverage and benefits.
Retirement benefits
Insurance benefits
Paid vacations, sick leave, and personal
time are all available to employees.