Freedom Business Model

Model1.The Knowledge Business2.3 Categories of People3.6 Principle of FreedomCoursesCoachingConsultingAffiliate MarketingPromote others ProductsNovicePROSTARExpert Medium SkillsBeginnerServing a Hungry MarketWroking SMART ( Not HARD)Building System (to Scale)AutomationDelegationData Driven DecisionsOne to One Long term EnagagementPromote Other CoursesInfluencerLearning curve is longDemand vs Supply4.7 Type of Business Models5.5 Pillars of Freedom6.5 reasons Why people Fail1.Manufacture2.Distribution3.Retail4.Service5.Franchise6.Aggregation7.Freedom Business ModelUber John Lee DumasPat FlynnMichelle GardenerLindsay OstromJustin WeingerJenniferAbbyHarsh AgarwalMathew WoodwandJon DykstaraJohn Lee Dumas1.Traffic Generation2.List Building3.Conversions4.Copyrighting5.Tribe Building1. Not Sure Where to Start2.Overwhelmed with Info3.Not Having Money/Resources4.Implementing the Wrong Way5.Not Having a Bigger Mission7.6 Core Success Principle8.5 level of Exprtise1.Treat This Like a Business2.Go with a Mindset to Solve Problems3.More You Sell,More you Make4 More You Automate, More you Scale5.Build Residual Income Streams 6.Educate,Engage & Sell1.DFY - Do It For You2.DWY - Do It WIth You3.121 - Coaching4.Group - Coaching5.Digital Ecosystem9.Digital Ecosystem Model1.Personal Branded Website2.Learning Managment System3.Email Marketing System4.Funnel Building System5.Webinar Selling System6.Link Tracking System10.Freedon Business ModelResultGoalsYou FirstPeople Buy You FirstProduct SaleL1L2L3Fast Result TrafficStrategic ScaleDomination
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