Negotiation Record Mind Map

Hikmah Consultancy with First & Foremost agent1.Introduction3.Goals for ClientIndentify socail media trends in marketing and sales sectorIndentify Potential opportunitues for growth in media platform Assist First and Foremoest to create sales training and improve client baseImprove website and digital footprint Identify the competitors and new market trends within real estate market in UAE.To assist the company in recruiting more employees.Training the employees to develop the communication skills, sale closing techniques and time management which will help the employees to organize a productive schedule for the day.5.RecommendationsUpdate website with latest information and 3d viewing of propertyProvide in depth information about propertyConstantly retrain employees to ensure they are market compatible 4.Market Analysis Client should focus on market trendsBenchmarking with other real estate agents6.The agreementTo deliver sales stragty to clientDeliver digital marketing strategy to clientProvide feedback report of service rendered7.Team Agreement2.Gap Analysis Communcation of new employees Team ContractIndentified roles of consultants8.ClosurePreparing final reprotPreparing presentationUnderstanding of Socal CuesTechnical skills of new employeesTechnical savvinessUnderstanding of architectureActions clearly stated and expectations
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