Maintain Mental Health And Wellbeing Mind Map

Maintain Mental Health and Well-being
Good mental health and wellbeing
Ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing
spending quality time with close friends and family
learning a new skill
finding a hobby
Playing Sports
Arts or Craft
Giving others
being there for friend in need
caring for animals
having someone to talk to who can provide support and reassurance
eating healthily and exercising regularly
spending time with people who share similar interests
experiencing new things such as trying different foods, travelling, or meeting new people.
Learn to relax and do things you enjoy
Get moving
Eat healthy
Get enough sleep
Set goals
Problem solving
Get involved
Stay connected and keep in touch with families and friends
listening to music
playing video games
going shopping.
ride a bike
go for a walk
play a sport you like
go for a swim at the beach or a pool
try to eat a healthy, balanced diet, as it will make you feel calmer
eating plenty of fruit and vegetables will make you feel healthier. Reducing your sugar intake is better for your health
eating regular meals will give you energy and will regulate your blood sugar levels
avoid alcohol and other drugs as they can worsen the symptoms of mental health problems.
aim for around 8 hours per night to avoid feeling tired
try going to sleep and getting up at the same time each day
spend time on relationships you are interested in
care and support other people
talk to family and friends and discuss your experiences, worries and feelings
join a meditation or relaxation group
learn a new hobby through an adult education course
join a sporting team.
learning to understand your own thoughts and feelings
planning in advance what you might do in situations that cause you stress
eating healthy
joining in on social activities.
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