Mind Map Of Computer Memory

MEMORYWrite AbilityStorage PermanenceHigh EndMiddle RangeLower RangeLow EndHigh EndMiddle RangeLower RangeLow EndRAMFLASHEEPROMOTP ROMEPROMMask Programmed ROMMask Programmed ROMNVRAMSRAMDRAMRead Only MemoryNon-Volatile MemoryCan be read from but not writtenRandom Access MemoryVolatileRandom-AccessTypesConnections "programmed" at fabricationConnections "programmed" after manufacture by userUsed during design developmentProgrammed and erased electronicallyExtension of EEPROM (Fast Erase)Memory cell uses flip-flop to store bitMemory cell uses MOS transistor & capacitor to store bitHolds data after external power removedMain MemoryCacheUsually designed with SRAM (Same chip as processor)Cache MappingBasic TechniquesDirect MappingFull Associative MappingSet- Associative MappingBasic Types FPM DRAMEDO DRAMS & ES DRAMRDRAM
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