Lending Entity Mind Map

3-6 monthsDEC 2023once license is aquired - features will be intergrated into the appLENDING ENTITY (Lending License) B2b Lendingcommercial lending (collateralised)Crypto backed lending maximum of 19 investorsLending to property DevelopersEach investor can allocate funds to markets that suits their risk curveEach investor can create or develop markets he/she is interested or have expertise in The phillipines.each investor must submit a minimum amount to the core businessAll lending activities must be approved by board memeberAPP featuresMicro LendingShort Term LoansBuy now and Pay Laterlending to Construction companieslending to SMEfranchisesWholesailerscontractorsCommercial realestateresidentialFarmingfruits and vegetablesvehicles/Cropsfish/shrimpsGovernemnt contractsEMI Entity (Electronic money Issuer license)trucksbussesroadsinfrastructureraise catpial through cryptolend capitalVASP (virtual Asset provider)Converts VA's into FiatEchange between one or more forms of VA'stransfers of VA'sSafekeeping and/or administration ofVA's or instruments enabling control over VA'stheres currently a moretorium on this license untill DEC 2023deposit cryptoProviding Staking Nodes (JESUS)international remitanceHold Pesos currenciesSubtopicconvert fiat into crypto / crypto into fiataccess to defiIncororate existing DE-FI protocolsAAVEINSTADAPPMAKERcompoundnew table coins coming to the market (potential rails)the features will be released at different stages.The initial developement will be undertaken in co-operation with WEMU.IO developers for a streamlined launch on the WEMU marketplace.lending appcrypto DAPPmerge/ offer the full suite of products. lead time is 4 monthsundefined
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