Empathy Map Template

WHAT do they see?
WHAT do they need to do?
WHAT do they THINK and FEEL?
WHAT do they HEAR
National champion
Many groups and fast riders
Watching GNC how to guides on YouTube
I see others being coached
I am inspired by other ladies cyclists
Want to learn how to use the gears
What do I wear? Kit, shoes, Helmet
How do I train?
They need support
Ride with someone to teach
How many km is good for a beginner?
I need to ride further
family finds out I ride?
How do I get better
What is my level?
Family and friends
Wasting too
much time?
I want to lose weight and be healthy
To see their own progress
Do not give up
Keep trying it will get easier
You need your own bike
I wish I could ride like them
I am so confused about the whole bike and marketplace
You need a better kit
To crash no to be guided
I am scared about falling off, no one want pain
I need a coach to get better
I am not allowed to ride near / with men
I want to be a great rider much time?
They want to try something new
Hope to transform themselves
I want to be a champion and represent my country
Cycling is no for ladies
Work life balance and busy schedule
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