Marketing Strategy Mind Map

Data & Analytics
Digital Marketing
Human Touch
Augmented Analytics
Blockchain Technology
Progressive Web Apps
Video Marketing
Content Marketing
Visual Search
SEO A/B Split Testing
Influencer Marketing
Conversational Marketing
Social Media Stories
Artificial Intelligence
Programmatic Advertising
Browser Push Notifications
Google Ads Smart Bidding
Use data mining, predictive modeling &
machien learning to identify patterns and to predict
the future
Real-time targeting based on a user's location
when a user enters a particular area,
they receive a push notification
Eliminates the digital marketing
intermediary, builds trust, and offers
branding benefits
Offer functionality of a native mobile
app fast loading times, push notifications, working
offline, etc.
Engaging your audience on various
channels, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram,
etc., through videos
Creating useful content makes the audience view your
organization as a credible resource
Allow people to use images to conduct a
search and get specific results
Isolate variables in your campaigns and identify
the versions that drive the expected results
Personalize content, products, and
engage and convert site visitors
Word-of-mouth marketing to amplify your
brand message to a larger market
Enhance user experience through a
feedback-driven model
With the stories disappearing after a particular
period of time, this is a great opportunity to use FOMO
To understand customer behavior
Automated ad buying to target specific
Re-engage people who have shown
interest but failed to convert
Automate your paid
advertising compaigns and focus
on strategy, copywriting, and analytics
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