Common Sense

All people are born equal, so royal
status is not only unnatural, but
against God, the only true ruler.
Democratic America
The colonies should separate
from Great Britain and create a
representative government.
Monarchies Violate Nature
Independence Benefits the World
An independent America will
have better relationships with
other world powers.
Monarch and Great Britains'head of state from 1760 to 1820; attracted the colonists'anger because he supported the parliament's decisions.
Legislative body of the British government; target of much of the colonists'anger because of its mismanagement of colonial policies.
Parliament tightly regulated
trade and taxed goods to
pay for the cost of governing
the colonies.
Known for his political and often
controversial pamphlets, British
emigrant Paine was a proponent
of colonial reconciliation with
Great Britain until April 19, 1775,
when British troops fired at
American militiamen in Lexington,
Massachusetts. He persuaded
thousands to echo his call for
independence in Common Sense.
Revolutions paine supported the American and French
Months Paine spent in a French prison for speaking out against the execution of King Louis XVI, the deposed king of France.
British Rule
Taxation & Regulation
The colonies had no
representation in Parliament
despite being British subjects.
Part logical explanation, part scathing rant, Paine's Common Sense
presents a compelling case for the dissolution of British rule over the
American colonies. Paine's persuasive words rallied the 13 disparate
colonies around a common cause and provided the building blocks
for the United States' democratic government.
King George III
Editions of common sense printed within the first year of its publication, not including unauthorized versions.
Royalities paine accepted for the publication of common sense to keep costs down so everyone could affort it.
Key Figures
Common Sense
The Enlightenment
In the 17th and 18th centuries, European thinkers espoused ideas of liberty and rationalism that influenced paine.
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