And Then There Were None Mind Map

And Then There Were None
Main Characters
Ten Guests, Ten Bodies, One Unsolved Crime
Ten people go to Indian Island at the invitation of the mysterious Owens to work, take a vacation, or meet old friends. But just like the little figurines that keep disappearing, the guests are murdered one by one. It's clear that someone on the island must be the killer—but who?
The guests have a personalized job offer or letter from an old acquaintance.
Everyone's Guilty
Each person is accused of murder, and some are plagued by guilt.
Mystery Murderer
Because the Owens doesn't exist, the killer must be an island guest.
Justice Wargrave
Imposing man with a cool head, known as a "hanging judge"; takes control of the investigation to find out who is killing the guests
Vera Claythorne
Heartbroken young teacher whose guilt over the death of a little boy drives her to murder and to kill herself