Angela's Ashes Mind Map

Angela's Ashes
Main Characters
A Miserable Childhood, a Compelling Tale
Young Frank McCourt struggles with poverty, his father's alcoholism, Catholic dogma, and a repressive class system. With perseverance, his mother's unfailing support, a love for education, and above all, compassion for human frailty, he realizes his dream of emigrating to America.
A Downward Spiral
The McCourts sink ever deeper into poverty as Malachy spends his wages on drink.
Frank must work and steal to keep the family alive
To America
With determination and skill, Frank saves enough money to leave Limerick.
Frank McCourt
Narrator telling his story; intelligent, sensitive boy growing up in poverty and intent on rising above his humble beginnings
Angela McCourt
Frank's strong, resourceful, loving mother; endures great hardships and self-sacrifice to raise her children in poverty
Malachy McCourt Sr.
Frank's irresponsible yet intelligent and kindhearted alcoholic father; unable to support his family despite his love for them
Poverty & Class
A rigid class system puts up barriers to breaking out of poverty.
Guilt & Forgiveness
Frank develops compassion for human frailty.
Education & Literature
Intelligence and perseverance help Frank escape from poverty.
McCourt rose to international fame with his Pulitzer Prize-winning memoir Angela's Ashes at age 66. After retiring from teaching English for 30 years, McCourt turned his miserable childhood in the slums of Limerick, Ireland, into a humor-filled and compelling drama about survival in the face of poverty.