Antony and Cleopatra Mind Map

Antony and Cleopatra
Love & Death in Ancient Egypt
Set during one of history's greatest empires, Antony and Cleopatra follows the love affair between a famed Roman politician and an Egyptian queen.Their tragic story pits East against West and indulgence against duty—all amid treachery and war
Arranged Marriage
To strengthen his alliance with Antony, Caesar arranges a marriage for him.
Antony marries Octavia but tires of her and returns to his lover, Cleopatra.
A Big Mistake
Cleopatra sends Egyptian ships into battle, leading to a disastrous loss.
The answer to what constitutes honorable behavior is different for each of the play's major characters, leading to conflict, betrayal, and tragedy.
Women with Power
Cleopatra"s political shrewdness threatens her male opponents, while Octavia's defenselessness leads her brother to marry her off for political gain.
Rome vs. Egypt
Stern, warlike Roma--personified by Caesar-despises relaced, luxury-loving Egypt, personified by Cleopatra; Antony feels trapped between the two.
Playgoers in Elizabethan England already knew the story of Antony and Cleopatra. Their familiarity enabled Shakespeare to focus on characters' emotions rather than on Roman history, and their interest in the play was heightened because their country, like Egypt, was ruled by a woman—the majestic Elizabeth I.
Represent martial power and male pride
Stand for treachery and death with their slyness and venom
Changeable and impermanent, symbolize Antony's lost identity