The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking BIGAuthorTheme Take AwayDavid J ShwartzGenius12345678910As you Think You will BecomeIn Dificult Situation Stay +veAlways Speak with Energy and CheerfulnessEven if Bad Health , Enjoy the JourneyHave Attitude of Start NowIsolate Your FEAR , Focus of Taking ActionBE an ACTIOINISTOnly Deposit and Withdraw +ve ThoughtForget the -ve ThoughtDaily Morning repeat +ve AFFIRMATIONSADD VALUE to the thing and YourselfLOOK IMPORTANT and DRESS RIGHTPlan Well in advance 9PM to 6 AMDaily Plan 10 min Thinking to Improve tomorrowAsk your Subordinate n office , How can they improve and What you can Do for that Always GO FIRST CLASSTake Initiative in BUILDING RELATIONSHIPBE HUMANDont Fight with Petty People Thinking of a Person make him Differrent from othersTo be Successful , you need to think differently SPEAK with ENERGY and CHEERFULNESSOnly DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW +ve THOUGHTSLook Important and Dress Right Daily plan 10 min Thinking to Improve from Tomorrow Take Initiative In Building RelationshipAlways GO FIRST CLASSActions are driven by your thoughts only
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