How Might We Template

Coming up with innovative solutions through "How might we" questions while maintaining the focus of the team regarding issues at hand.
How Might We Template

About the How Might We Template

Various big corporate names tend to use how might we templates in order to practice innovation.
This template uses language as a creative push for innovative ideas from the employees. If you are using the how might we template, you are focusing on the expression of ideas by encouraging your team instead of pushing them to find an answer on the spot. This helps to create an open space for every individual to have the right to provide innovative ideas and conversations, leading to more opportunities and healthy debates.
Problem-solving is a daily task for corporate companies, and the main issue is coming up with a creative idea or solution every single time. This is where how might we template can help your team to come up with innovative ideas in solutions for everyday practices.

How Might We Questions

In simple language, how might we be basically a technique that helps to brainstorm ideas? Nowadays, the popularity of this template is increasing in the corporate business, especially for leaders, as it is very easy to understand and can turn a lot of major issues into new opportunities through creative solutions. These innovative solutions can easily help you to enhance the quality of work and improve the work environment as well.
How: Even if you do not have any kind of solution, this helps open new doors to creative concepts that eventually solve the issue without increasing the risk factor.
Might: Places focus on high chances of finding the right answer with multiple innovative ways as this helps every employee to come up with an individual idea without any fear.
We: Make sure that whatever the problem is, it can be solved through corporative teamwork and innovation.

How Might We Statements

An overall perspective framing the problem is very vital, especially from the users' perspective. The frame of reference should be wide so it can handle the collection of ideas without restricting the possibilities. However, being brief is very important as it will lessen the time of processing.
Following are some of the how might we statements:
  • Too broad: How might we construct a new subway station in Japan.
  • Too narrow: How might we Contract comfortable chairs for the citizens.
  • Just right: How might we properly secure and safe subway trains in japan.
The ending statement provides various options of solutions while converting the main issue towards a positive outlook.

Four Steps to Conduct a "How Might We" Exercise

Following are the easy steps to conduct a how might we exercise through how might we template:

Step 1: Open with a problem statement

The Requirements of the user are focused on within the problem statement. Most problem statements are also known as quite a few statements. All the crucial points had information regarding the user are taken through research. You can come up with essential needs through the following:
  • User
  • User requirement
  • Internal information (fill in the blank)
The formula reads as the user (put user) requires (put requirement) due to (put the invites). So John(user) needs insurance (need) due to the need for a secure future for his family(insight).

Step 2: Segment the problem statement.

After coming up with the problem statement, you need to start brainstorming for the how might we statements required for the process. Analyze your problem and segment the issue into smaller and manageable pieces.
According to surveys and local data research, most people opting for insurance tend to be confused due to the wide variation in policies. This is how you can segment the problem statement.
  • assistance in choosing
  • assistance regarding the process
  • assistance regarding insurance policies
  • assistance regarding account creation
  • assistance regarding enhancing knowledge about insurance policies

Step 3: Maximize the inclusion of How Might We sentences

Once you are done with the segmentation of the problem statement, you can initiate the process of writing day; how might we statements for individual segments or ideas.
There is a specific formula you can use for coming up with how might we statement: How might we (experience aspiration) for (user) so that (wanted outcome). You can utilize this model on segmented ideas as follows.
  • How might we assist the users in choosing their insurance policies so that they could easily come up with one wanted insurance plan?
  • How might we simplify the process of account making in order to help the adults?
  • How might we enhance the knowledge of the people who are interested in getting insurance policies?

Step 4: Always think forward

After brainstorming, you end up with plenty of how might we statement now you can easily advance forward. Suppose you are working in a group. You have the right to vote on what you think must be used. In other cases, if you are working on an individual project, you can get help from your coworkers to choose the best one and then use it.

How Might We Examples

Coming up with various how might we statements, he's a very complex task which can be a bit daunting for individual or group works. The best way to come up with a creative solution is the segmentation of a major problem into smaller bits. After the main segmentation, you can easily initiate the process of how might we mechanism. There are multiple options of the statements, which can be confusing as they can be too broad or too narrow etc.
Following are some of the tips that might help you:
Problem statement: People who like reading require so easily to save favorite chapters while traveling because finding the chapters can take extra time.
  • Bring out the positive aspect: how might we make reading enjoyable for the reader?
  • Discard the negative: how might we provide the favorite chapter's t the users.
  • Discovering different aspects: How might we make finding favorite chapters' fun?
There are much more tips in the how might we template but not all are workable for every situation.