Stakeholder Map Template

Know the folks that can affect your undertakings in order to have their assistance.
Stakeholder Map Template

About the Stakeholder Map Templates

The concept of a stakeholder map is to find the main key regarding the stakeholder of your project. A stakeholder is a person who has any connection or influence with the ongoing project. Most stakeholders tend to have a high interest and influence on the project as well. There is a great need to pick out the main people who have the most impact on the overall working and mechanism of the project as there are major stakeholders for each stage of the project, so it is important to identify each of them on individual stages in order to have a firm base of the business.
The stakeholder map template helps fix the flow of work by establishing and maintaining the order of stakeholders with a heavy interest in the business idea. This helps you to easily seek the direction of influence regarding your project; however, make sure to specify which stakeholder has singular interest and which has double.
The common themes of stakeholder maps are heavily used in the corporate industry to manage projects and analyze stakeholders within a certain project in the initial stages of work. The early implementation of the stakeholder maps helped ensure that all the goals and vision statements were clear so we could have a clear estimate of the project's overall outcome.

Why should you use a stakeholder map?

Now that we know the concept of stakeholder maps, the question arises regarding why should you use these stakeholder maps? Well, to answer this question, suppose you are in the initial stage of your business or a new project; this means you want to make sure that the project ends well. Now, what should be included? What and who should be updated? Who will be handling the management of the process via questions? The answers to these questions are crucial for the progress of ongoing projects because if these are not simplified in the initial stages, it can cause a sudden hindrance in the processing later on. There are multiple other reasons why you should use a stakeholder map template. Some of the reasons are given below:

1. Clarifies your project

The stakeholders do not have only one specific label of being your ally, as they can be a great source of providing useful ideas and can assist you in easy management of the project. Due to the help in assessing the stakeholders, you can easily shape your project in whatever way you want. Suppose you are managing your project with various types of stakeholders from the initial stage of the process. You would notice that they will assist you in creating the best and most feasible outline of your project that will guarantee success.

2. Establishes a mutual understanding

It is very important to establish a mutual understanding as it helps you create a perfect channel of communication which leads to easy management of the processes. Once mutual understanding is established, the process becomes easy to handle due to the clear spread of ideas among the stakeholders and the people working on the project. This way, the project likely ends up in a good place with major benefits that helps the business or the company have more profits and also help in saving time.

3. Conserve the resources

As everyone knows, resources are an important part of managing any project, low resources mean there would be more hindrance within the process, and more time would be required to have the needed outcomes. This is where a stakeholder maps template can help you string up necessary resources and assessments for the project. In addition to that, it will also assist you in managing the individuals easily.

Stakeholder Map Examples

It is a known fact that the concept of stakeholder maps is very complex, and there are multiple additional things regarding it, such as various types of stakeholder maps which are necessary for individual types of processes. Multiple examples of stakeholder maps can help you identify the key players of the scenario at hand and their involvement in various project stages. Here are some of the detailed examples for you:

Stakeholder Map Example of a Retail Business

The project can be related to launching a new product in the market. However, there are complexities with the concept of product launches, especially in the retail market, as multiple stakeholders are involved. Following is the list of stakeholders:
  • Merchandisers
  • Suppliers
  • Administration
  • Economic institutions
  • Business advisers

Stakeholder Map Example of a Software Development Project

Following are some of the stakeholders in the development of software:
  • Product administrator
  • Software developers
  • Marketing team
  • Administrative patron
  • Designers

Stakeholder Map Example of a Public Sector Project

Following are the involved stakeholders:
  • Business associations
  • Appointed ambassadors
  • Regional councils
  • Judiciaries
  • Trade federations
  • The media