10 Stunning Mind Map Templates & Examples for Word

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10 Stunning Mind Map Templates and Examples for Word

A mind map is not just a drawing. It is an important visual tool that helps stimulate our minds and organize thoughts.  With the help of mind maps, you can brainstorm, plan, study, and learn many things quickly and easily. While there are many ways of creating a mind map, one can also use a free editable mind map template word. The free templates are better than creating a mind map from scratch because they make your work easier! To get a mind map template word for creating a unique mind map without hassle, please continue reading this article.

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Amazing Mind Map Maker – EdrawMind

There are many online tools and programs which allow you to make a mind map. EdrawMind is one such tool. It is a drawing platform that offers different mind map templates for students, teachers, business individuals, etc. You can also create mind maps from scratch by using a free blank mind map template in EdrawMind. But why should you choose EdrawMind over other programs? Well, this is why:

  • Free tool – EdrawMind has a web-based online tool that anyone can use for free!
  • Cross-platform – EdrawMind has an app for PC, Mobile, and Web; hence it is accessible on different platforms.
  • Simple multi-terminal log-in – When users sign up for a free account, the same account credentials can be used to log-in to different terminals without any restrictions.
  • Free templates – EdrawMind offers many free editable templates for different types of maps.
  • Custom tools – EdrawMind has different formatting tools to make personalized mind maps.

Different Types of Mind Map Templates & Examples for Word

Here are ten different types of mind map templates and examples for Word that you can use in various situations.

1. Prepare Job Interview Mind Map Template
prepare job interview mind map

The above template is very useful for both individuals, organizations, recruiting agencies, and college placement offices. Use this Job Interview Preparation Mind Map Template to plan your next big interview. Keep track of all the necessary information. Prepare for tough questions and work on your interview skills with this editable and free template.

2. Cost-Benefits Analysis Mind Map Template
cost benefits analysis mind map

This is a very helpful mind mapping template for cost accountants and costing students as it will make cost-benefit analysis easy for you to learn and execute. Whether you are a professional or a student, the benefits of this Cost Benefits Analysis Mind Map Template are endless!

3. Know Yourself Mind Map Template  
know yourself mind map

Work on yourself by drafting a personality analysis using this Know Yourself Mind Map Template. Explore about yourself with this map as it will make you think about your habits, likings, emotional needs and more. Use this is as a self-assessment exercise!

4. Corporate Communication Mind Map Template 
corporate communication mind map

Source: amazonaws.com

Do you work in a corporate environment where you have to be in meeting all the time, constantly meet new investors, and be a part of an extensive networking system? Well, this Corporate Communication Mind Map Template is perfect for you because it will help you work on your communication skills and improve your corporate social life.

5. Network Mind Map Template 
network mind map

IT professionals and students can both use these network mind maps to build networks. It is a very useful template that can be easily edited, customized, and changed according to the user’s needs. So, download it right now and make networking simple!

6. Digital Marketing Mind Map Template 
digital marketing mind map

Source: zendesk.com

Digital marketing has become very crucial in today’s digital world. For any online business, trying to survive the competition, digital marketing is very important. This digital marketing mind map can help you draft your next marketing strategy in a more efficient manner giving you more time to plan the line of action rather than drawing the mind map.

7. Writing Essay Mind Map Template 
writting essay in english mind map

Source: ayoa.com

Students will love this essay writing template, as it will make it easier for them to align their thoughts and create a beautiful piece of writing. With the help of this Writing Essay Mind Map Template, you will score the highest on your school assignments! So, download it right now.

8. Creative Intelligence Mind Map Template 
creative intelligence mind map

Source: amazonaws.com

Explore your creative intelligence with the help of this fantastic and detailed mind map template. You can create a mind map to teach you different ideas of testing your creative ability, such as quick note-taking, flexibility, originality, and more.

9. Shopping List Mind Map Template
supermarket purchase list mind map

Plan your monthly or weekly grocery shopping list in a fun way with this Shopping List mind Map Template. This colorful template will make the tedious and tiring task of running errands into a fun exercise. So, download this template and create your next shopping list right now!

10. Little Prince Note Mind Map Template  

If you are a mum to a cute little boy or a teacher looking for new creative exercises for your students, then use this template to engage children to test their creative writing skills. Use this mind map template for students to make a cute and meaningful story.

little prince note mind map

Create a Mind Map for Word in Minutes

To make a mind map, you can use a free mind map template or create one from scratch. Open your EdrawMind, click on Topic from Home tab to add your main topic on a free blank mind map template. Place additional information around the central idea using floating topics in the Home tab. Add branches to connect your subtopics with the main topic.

Then add text, visual signifiers, and other attractive features to make your mind map eye-catching. Besides, use the formatting tools on the ribbon and the right-side panes to customize and edit your mind map.

make mind map

You can save the mind map in EdrawMind as the MS Word format. For this, you need to go to File and click on Export.

export mind map

Now click on Office and then select Word. Then choose the file location, name your file and click on Save. This mind map will be saved as an editable DOCX file. Hence, you can open and edit in Word now.