7 Best Note Taking Apps for Mac

Toplist for the best note taking apps

A few a long time ago, people used notebooks to make notes of the vital things, such as the date of a few precise events, or grocery listing, etc. It doesn't hold a pocketbook nowadays. Hence, humans use virtual mediums to put together notes. There are many word-taking apps to be had on your telephone to PC. In this write-up, we're specializing in a few excellent note-taking apps for Mac.

Usually, humans use word-taking apps on smartphones to put together notes. What if while you have become an excellent concept while operating in your Mac? Don't have your telephone close to you? In that scenario, in case you begin seeking out your phone, you'll overlook that concept. But, when you have a few excellent word-taking apps for Mac installed. Then you may without difficulty create notes in your Mac as well. You can word down that immediate concept even in your Mac.

Now you may have understood enough the need for a note-taking app on Mac. It is unique to understand approximately a few excellent note apps for Mac. So far, let's take a look at the listing of a few note-taking apps for Mac.

1. Evernote


Source: Evernote


Evernote software has its sync service, although this is limited in the free version. This app allows you to sync across devices without setting up specially, just you need to log in Evernote.,nbsp;You can include images and snippets from the web or a whole web page through web clipper. It has powerful features for organizing your notes.,nbsp;

  • The platforms are Android/iOS/WP/OSX/Windows/Web
  • Collaborative app
  • Offline access
  • Can find quickly old information
  • Store data in the long term
  • Gathers all different information in one place
  • Powerful note formatting and features
  • A great reminder
  • You can attach images and web clippers also in file
  • Great selection for integrating with other apps
  • A lousy interface that makes the difficulty to find notes
  • Also has security issues
  • Having no undo features
  • Lack of search and replacing capability
  • Having no recurring and snooze reminders

This Evernote taking app for MAC can clip to the web from desktop or mobile also. This app is speedy and flexible, and it also enables you to highlight your notes and tag, etc. this cool and handy Evernote feature can automatically scan images for text. This has a good quality of integration that can improve your productivity.,nbsp;

2. Apple Note

Apple Note

Source: Apple Note


This apple note sync with iCloud and surprisingly also connect with the Gmail. This is a default system app that making it easy to find and use the notes. In this note-taking app, you can also attach files and can filter the records by attachment types. This is very fast, and syncing is very dependable.,nbsp;

  • Can sync with iCloud and other Apple devices
  • Has built-in features to attach files
  • Can filter the notes easily
  • Can find quickly old information
  • Can also connect with Gmail
  • Attachments
  • Swift app to find any notes and files
  • Can easily edit text and formatting
  • Simple to use
  • Supports sharing
  • This app cannot export the format that can be imported again
  • Cannot manage the backup system
  • Obscure features

This apple note-taking app for MAC allows you for simple text formatting, and you can easily change the text format and filter the notes. From this app, you can make TODO lists with the checkboxes. You can also export the record into the PDF form.

This note has master features so you can start using notes immediately from this new feature. So this apple note is gently a learning curve.

3. Bear


Source: Bear


The bear app for MAC is gorgeous and straightforward. You can enter all text that can be manipulated, edited, and exported. From this note-taking app, you can also attach documents and can make files with images too.

This is a well-designed app. And also has a friendly and functional interface. You can export your text in many formats. It also gives the tagging support.

  • Many export formats PDF/Rtf/Docx/HTML/Txt
  • Platforms are iOS and OSX
  • Having a clean and nice interface
  • Original MD code
  • Export entire note database
  • Easy to use
  • Having flawless sync
  • Also has hashtag support with text
  • A broad panel of document choice
  • Cannot do online editing
  • Sometimes having sync problems between iOS and Mac
  • No tabs you can view only one note at a time

This bear app has flawless sync. Your notes will always between the sync devices. From this app, you can effortlessly search the records by tagging them. This app can only backup the notes. Files can be exported as plain text along with all embedded objects.,nbsp;

4. Dynalist

Note Taking App

Source: Dynalist


This note-taking app has automated formats and many other features that enable you to use it easily. You can also make the folder in dynalist and search for everything globally. You can edit text for MAC and IOS with offline mode. This app has no limit to add text and attach files. You can write and add extensive notes.

  • Having all significant platforms Web/Windows/Linux/iOS/Android
  • Having offline access
  • Automated formatting
  • Markdown support
  • Hashtag support
  • Can create different users styles
  • Having many tabes to search and link to other notes
  • An organized way to create documents and attach files
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can search the records by title only
  • Less flexible
  • Having fewer export options to text PDF and Opml
  • Having inclusion in the hierarchy of articles

From this note-taking app, you can create custom styles and send the notes to your community. You can search the records only by adding the link. In dynalist, you can export and import into any MD-environment.

You can also highlight the syntax of text, and it has multiple themes. This app also supports mathematical equations. This app has an excellent tagging feature to search globally. This dynalist app for MAC is very extensible.

5. Microsoft One Note

Microsoft OneNote

Source: Microsoft One Note


One note app is the best example and different from one note for windows. This note-taking app for MAC is easy to use and flexible, and it has a variety of tools for everyone. This Microsoft app offers quick and easy transfer software, which allows the user to import from other services.,nbsp;

This app is free on all platforms with free cloud sync. You can also use OneNote for free on as many devices as you want.

  • Having different platforms Windows/OSX/iOS/Android/Web
  • Advanced features and user-friendly interface
  • Integrates well with outlook, office and One drive
  • Can attach videos and files
  • Free on all platforms with free cloud sync
  • Quickly transfer notes to OneNote
  • Having great formatting tools
  • Well integrates with other Microsoft services
  • Nice and clean interface
  • A not right way to print and to export of text
  • Unstable synchronization
  • Lack of advanced features

The one note Microsoft app for MAC is available for free as a web app on IOS, ANDROID, and AND WINDOWS. From this app, multiple users can edit the notes at a time. The letters can be arranged well in the form of sections and pages. So it is a very organized and efficient way to keep records.

6. Boost Note

Boost Note

Source: Boost Note


This is an open-source and free platform for writing texts. Boots, not app is useful for developers who are looking to make programming notes. This app can store code snippets. You can also highlight the syntax of records. It also supports many languages. Boots do not come with many themes. It has the most popular items and colors for code editors.,nbsp;

  • Having different platforms Windows/iOS/Android/Web
  • Offline access
  • Having markdown support
  • Different popular themes
  • Having cross-platform support
  • Best for developers
  • Open-source
  • Free
  • Offline work
  • Having poor synchronization
  • With offline mode can’t work real
  • Some of the features are not efficient and consistent

These boots note app for MAC doesn’t require an internet connection for work. You can do offline work also. The themes of this app make it interface attractive for the user. The Bootsnote app also supports critical bindings. If the developer is using this note app, navigation should be easy to pick up.,nbsp;

7. MindMaster


Source: MindMaster


MindMaster is an advanced mind mapping software, it can help users to make notes easily by choosing a map type to get started. Except taking notes for oneself, it also supports to real-time collaboration, especially when working with teams. The brainstroming code makes team meeting or team brainstrom easier and faster. Besides, users could export files in multiple formats for several needs in their daily life or working life.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Support tags
  • Multiple platforms support Web and desktop
  • Outline styling with zoom
  • Except making notes, it can make mind maps
  • Easy to organize notes and overview
  • Multiple templates of mind maps
  • Having superfast synchronization with many devices
  • Strong community
  • Import and export multiple formats
  • Having little bugs
  • Not support type diverse language except English

This app has an intuitive interface and welcomes collaboration. You can make the community on this note-taking app. Work flow can be accessed on mobile browsers also. From the nested list, you can organize notes into hierarchical categories of infinite depth. All nested lists can be folded.,nbsp;


Note-taking apps are more significant benefits than you may think. Taking notes with pen and paper works pleasant. When you have a cellphone or tablet, the use of an app designed for note-taking. Whether your note-taking fashion needs least layout and slick based functions. They have a superior corporation and cataloging of many media. Probabilities are there's a notes app that's proper for you. While Apple Notes tests off the greatest of the boxes, it can now no longer healthy into everyone's needs. This is wherein the quality Notes app options for Mac come into the play.

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