Bubble Mind Map: Definition & Examples

Do you know the benefits of using bubble maps?
What is Bubble Mind Map?

A bubble mind map is a great visual tool for learning, brainstorming, and working through difficult problems. It works by illustrating a key concept or idea in a central bubble then using lines to connect with related concepts to more bubbles so that you can map the relationships, associations, and parallels between ideas.

It is particularly useful when planning reports, essays, and even writing stories. Bubble maps need to be clear and well-designed, especially if you're going to share your work with others or even present it to an audience. Like any other concept map, bubble concept maps can display the entity-idea relationships in an exact visual format.

A bubble mind map is an intuitive tool for visualization as it imitates our natural thinking process. The simple way to create one is to start in the middle of the page, write down the central concept and branch out to more ideas, using the lines to visualize their interconnections.

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Examples of Bubble Mind Map

Apart from knowing what is a bubble mind map, you can also know some examples of bubble mind maps. It has many benefits, including emphasizing complex thinking skills, developing relationships between concepts, and breaking down research into smaller elements to ensure better understanding and retention.

1. Apple Firm Infrastructure Mind Map
Apple Firm Infrastructure

This is an example of an Apple firm infrastructure bubble mind map. The map is divided into two types of activities primary and support. The Apple firm’s primary activities are divided into - service, inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations, marketing, and sales that are further divided. Purchasing raw materials, advertising, repair work, servicing, and developing new products are some of the ideas that come under this bubble mind map.

The Apple firm’s support activities are divided into - procurement that includes purchasing machines for product development, firm infrastructure, human resource management, and technology development.

2. Astronomy Bubble Mind Map

In this example of a bubble mind map, a complete guide into astronomy has been illustrated. The key topic of divisions are - Stars, Sun, universe, space exploration, planets, and the big bang theory.

Here, the Mind Map branches into the Universe, which consists of millions of stars. The map also explores the planets, which is further divided into four inner planets, four outer planets, and the asteroid belt.

A bubble mind map is a brilliant way to map out concepts like astronomy and its various elements. It helps in bringing every aspect under one big umbrella, providing an overall perspective.

3. Earth Science Bubble Mind Map
Earth Science

In this example of a bubble mind map is all about - Earth Science. Earth sciences are the fields of study that concern the solid Earth, its waters, and the air that surrounds it. Everything from geologic, hydrologic to atmospheric sciences is a part of this field. This study’s broad aim is to understand the Earth's present features and past evolution and benefit humanity.

This mind map illustrates - activities, key terms, and background knowledge. The mind map depicts weather, seasonal changes, known weather terms, rocks, classification of rocks, and temperature under background knowledge.

4. Harry Potter Mind Map
Harry Potter

Harry Potter books are a world in themselves. A bubble mind map is a perfect way to understand the interlinkings in this magical world. A bubble mind map will help represent critical aspects of the world like - characters, series of books, locations, the progress of events, vocabulary, and relevant plot points.

A bubble mind map has transformed the long list of monotonous information into a colorful, memorable, and highly organized diagram that works in line with your brain’s natural way of observing things. This map contains - vocabulary, characters, plot, author details, general information, and chapter names.

5. Modal Verbs Bubble Mind Map
Modal Verbs

This example of a bubble mind map depicts modal verbs. Grammar might not be easy for some. A mind map is the best way to understand these concepts. In a sentence, modal verbs add meaning to the main verb by expressing possibility, ability, permission, or obligation.

This mind map is divided into - requests, permissions, obligations, possibility/deduction, ability, offers, and modal perfects. Authorization is further divided into - asking for permission, talking about consent, and giving permission.

Benefits of Using Bubble Mind Map

Benefits include emphasizing complex thinking skills, developing relationships between concepts, and breaking down research into smaller elements to ensure better understanding and retention.

The bubble mind map has the purpose of describing content using adjectives. It is essential to utilize emotional, sensory, and logical characteristics when describing a topic or concept. The bubble mind map is handy for developing vocabulary.

Bubble mind maps are reflective, consistent, integrative, flexible, and developmental. A bubble mind map uses critical thinking, as it makes sure you dive deeper into the concept to understand it better.

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