How to Open and Edit a Mind Map in Office 365

Office 365 by Microsoft is an all-in-one application that contains popular MS office programs like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. It is an excellent app for collaborative working experience as you can share files and emails through Microsoft cloud services. Hence, it can also be used to open, view, and edit all MS office documents. If you have mind maps in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, you can use office 365 to open and edit your mind maps.

In case you don’t know how to do that, keep reading this article as we will tell you how to open and edit a mind map in Office 365.

How to Open and Edit a Mind Map

To create stunning and professional mind maps, use a professional mind mapping tool. It will help you make and customize different types of mind maps and business diagrams. If you want to make a unique and interesting mind map in office 365then please follow this tutorial:

Step 1 – Launch EdrawMind

For this tutorial, we will use the EdrawMind desktop. Launch the app on your desktop and select the Radial Map template.

open EdrawMind
Step 2 – Draw Mind Maps

To draw a mind map in EdrawMind, you will use the tools present in the Home tab i.e., Topic, Subtopics, Floating Topics, etc.

add topics

To draft a mind map you need to:

  • Select the main topic and place it in the middle
  • Add floating topics for associated ideas/information that makes up your main topic
  • Add branches from Relationships to connect the main topics with the sub-topics
  • Add your information and replace the example text.
  • Add visual signifiers like images, illustrations, graphics, etc.
draw mind map
Step 3 – Customize Mind Maps

Once your mind map is drafted, customize it with the tools present in the Format tab on the right side of the screen.

customize mind map
Step 4 – Export Mind Maps

Once your mind map is complete, you can save and export it to another software for future edits and sharing. For this, go to the File tab, click on Export and Send and wait for the sub-window to appear. Select the desired file type from Graphics, PDF, Office, HTML, SVG, etc., and then choose the software. For this tutorial, we will select Office > Word. Name your file, choose a location, and click on Save to export your mind map. In this way, you can open your mind map in office 365

export mind map

How to See Mind Maps in Office 365

There are many tools for creating visual diagrams, and some of them can also be used for mind maps. One of the popular tools is Visio; however, unlike EdrawMind, Visio is more expensive. Hence, if you want to make a mind map without spending too much of your hard-earned money, EdrawMind is the best option. As you know, EdrawMind can export mind maps to MS Office formats, so users can use EdrawMind to make mind maps and view the maps in Office 365 very easily.

Easy and Quick Mind Mapping in EdrawMind

A mind map is a very helpful tool in organizing our thoughts and information. Just as taking notes or making to-do lists, mind maps also make our lives simpler and easier. If you are in a brainstorming session like studying, planning, or designing a particular concept/idea/topic, then creating a mind map can be very effective.

Mind maps are very simple to draft; all you have to do is place your central idea in the middle and then keep arranging the key components of that central idea around your main topic. Whether you are prepping for an important meeting, making a new plan, studying a complicated topic for finals, or simply planning an event, mind maps can help sort out your thoughts.

Remember: Organized thinking induces more productivity and efficiency. So, just keep a pen and paper and start drawing a mind map every time you feel perplexed or overwhelmed with your thoughts. However, carrying a notebook and a pen at all times is not possible, this where online drawing tools come in. You can use apps or web tools to make mind maps quickly as they often come with predesigned templates as well.

An excellent mind mapping tool is EdrawMind. It is versatile, user-friendly, and affordable. Moreover, EdrawMind is available for all devices as it supports all terminals, i.e., Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Hence, it doesn’t matter where you are. You can use your laptop, smartphone, or tab and start creating a mind map on EdrawMind right away!