How to create a life map (With examples)

Guide for life map

A life map is a way to trace your life's key moments in time order. It is all depiction of your life's occasions, regardless of sorrow or happiness. Indeed, a life map is a fundamental tool that helps you in all manners of your life. Life map could be fruitful for all what if it had been taught to us since childhood. But unfortunately, very few people know about it and its significance. Let's try to dive into its importance.

Why should one learn about life map?

1. Memory Box

The most straightforward one is it acts as a memory box. It stores your precious moments visually that you have long forgotten.

2. Create a Personal Story

It helps you to write and create your personal story that could make others inquisitive about your crossroads.

3. Insights about Life

It could give you a probability to look at your life from several angles. Life map aids you gain different insights about your personality and improve them with time. It gives an edge of making your life decisions and put yourself at what is right for you.

4. Grasp Moments

Life map correctly enables you to put together the pieces of emotions and moments with your friends, family, and workplace fellowship. It thoroughly changes your perceptions, creating new narratives, and exploration about the labyrinth of life.

Steps to Create a Life Map

Drawing a life map isn't a piece of cake, but it's fascinating at a point. There are the following necessary steps that will help you to attain a life map. It is general and may vary from person to person.

1. Time Management

At least you have almost 30 minutes to one hour to think and write about your all high and low landmarks.

2. Preparatory Writing Steps

Collect all the colored markers, pens if you want them in a formidable form such as on paper or chart. The easier way is to download EdrawMind to have your life map in a mild form. EdrawMind gives you many templates to have your life map.

3. Brainstorm on Enlisting Elements

Brainstorm in all the elements and points you want in your life map regardless of their nature. Go ahead and collect your hundred ideas. EdrawMind also has a feature of brainstorming. In this, all you have to click F8 or on the brainstorming button. Set your timer, click on ideas, then add your map.

4. Use of Symbols and Scale

If they belong to your hard time, then it must have symbolic representation. You may use different traffic signals like speed breakers and tolls etc. You may rate them from 1 to 10 or use mathematics signs. If you want to present your successful dot ends or surprises and events, then the green color light can do it finely. EdrawMind offers you so many templates where you could put your flexible elements.

5. Thumb Rule of Change in your Life

By some thumb rule, every person goes through a change every year. If your age between 35-40, then there is a probability of having almost 15-20 shifting changes. Bunch all the good and worse fragments and write them down prominently. Take your life as a novel or story.

Your life is fledged with many people, playing different characters based on the nature of interaction or fellowship you have had once—some play a significant role in shaping your present future or devastating at the same time. Gain and write your all momentous incident in chronological order.

6. Finishing Step

Once you have done with the life map, it will raise many questions about life by the psychological effect, and you could write a journal quickly. EdrawMind helps you in having a perfect life map with a saving mode.

Some Quirky Tips for a Life Map

There are some pro tips to draw your life map quickly.

• Use such attractive templates that hit you and the people you want to target

• Draw it with different colors using signs too.

• It must be minimalistic and ideal that it must be engaging.

• Your loop whole must be connected to your goal eventually.

• Stay away from making life maps more complex.

Examples of life map

Here are some life maps that will correctly predict the self-reflection of one's life.

1. Life Resolution Map


EdrawMind allows you to draw your life map of ambitions and goals with attractive templates. Your template of this life map must be designed in a way that perfectly depicts the ups and downs of life, roundabouts, breaks, and the transition flow. It finely should reflect your ultimate goals and struggles to meet your motives.

2. Life Fear Map


Source: Pinterest

Life fear map is one of the significant life maps dealing with several phobias. People fear outnumbered phobias due to some reasons. Phobia drawings would help them understand the basic rule of their life and adjust to their personality fears. This fear map is full of quotes of famous businessmen and private statements about things people fear. It is pouring overing shadows on fear factors.

3. Stress Map


A stress map defines all the elements of a perfect life. The best part of this map it establishes a pattern of healthy life using symbols and writing. EdrawMind could give you a chance to have this map in hard form and paste it on your room's wall. It is reflecting on how a healthy and stress-free one should look like and have priorities.


To conclude, a Life map gives you every time a way to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct your life goals. It helps you to throw light on your life insights, giving you anticipation of downright changes in life-making decisions. Life maps should be included in our priorities. Take out some time for yourself and self-think because it's your primacy. Now you have the key to solve all the questionable points and factors of your life. Decide your journey and design it with your own hands.

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