TERTIARY SECTORPublic SectorTourism SectorMTPBIncrease tourism revenueDevelop domestic tourismMake tourism a prime sectorRoles of tourism industryContribution to economic growthEmployment generationStimulation of infrastructure investmentGrowth in other related activitiesContribution to local economiesIncreased goverment tax revenueFactor to develop tourismTourism Malaysia ProgramsDisadvantages of tourismRich cultural & historical heritagesRainforests, mountains, caves, nature reserves & wildlifeShopping, leisure & business-related eventBeautiful islands & beachesWide variety of accommmodation optionsAffordable airfares & modern airportsMalaysia My Second Home (MM2H)Student TourismEducation TourismAgro-tourismFabulous Food 1MalaysiaHealth TourismGo2HomestaySecurity threats & crimesComplicated visa application processNot tourism friendlyEnvironmental damageBig foreign companies monopolize tourismSocial problemsFunctionFiscal policyNational badgetGovernment revenueGovernment expenditureReducing the budget deficitProductivity of the public sevtorTo make the market system work efficientlyTo determine how much of the government's budget wil be allocatedTo reduce the gap between the poor & the richTo ensure there is steady economic growthPublic good providersExpansionary fiscal policyContractionary fiscal policyIncrease real output, employment & income to solve recessionDecrease real output, employment & income to solve inflationBudget deficitBudget surplusBalanced budgetNational budget states the sources of government revenue & expenditure for the coming fiscal yearDirect taxesIndirect tacesNon-taxes revenue & borrowingOperating expenditureDevelopment expenditureEmolumentsStaff pensions & gratuitiesGrants & transfers to state governmentRefer to government expenditure that is related to projects which boost econmic growthPurposeTo supply goods & servicesTo achieve supply side improvements in macroeconomyTo reduce the negative effects of externalitiesTo subsidies industriesTo help redistribute income & achieve more equityTo inject extra spending into macroeconomyEnhance efficiency of revenue collectionImplement user-pays principle for public servicesReview subsidy programsImplement privatization programsImprove efficiency of public delivery systemPostpone non-urgent mega development projectsPrepay & restruture national debt1 Malaysia One Call Centre (1 MOCC)Government Transformation Programs (GTP)e-Government using information technology & operational innovationServices qualityGovernment Online Services (GOS) GatewayUrban Transformation Centres (UTCs)Malaysia Productivity Blueprint
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