Mandala2.Outer Part Air8.ConclusionOften painted on the walls inside DzongInner courtyardGenerally directly beside the doorHome 7.Three forms Dharma Kaya6.Shar Luphagpo PurvavidhaPalce 3.Lho Zombu1.IntroductionMandala/Kyil-Khor-wheeling to the centerArchitectural map of palace of a deityAn OfferingTeaching of impermanencePath to awareness/inner voiceMandalas originated in India thousandsEntered the public in 20th centuryBuddhist meditation and practiceThey are often recreated through painting, 3-D modelsIron mountains Lho Zombu Ling (Jambudvipa)Life span up to 100 yearsYield fruit of pleasure and painSouthLho ZombuFace shape in Axe Buddha came and establish religion4.Nub Balang Choyd Rubby -west AparagodaniyaRich in Prime cattle Yogurt, Meat for inhabitantsLife 500 years Provides MilkFace Circle5.Jang Drami Nyan UttarakuruGold- NorthLife span up to 1000 yearsGreat abundance Come spontaneouslyFace rectangleCrystal East Life span is 300 years Religion is not taughtPeaceful Face shape Sim Cricle Zhugmed Kham ArupalokaFormless True Mind free from inherent existence Depicted with less attire or dress ShambogakayaZhung Kham Nye rig NirmakayaDoed Kham KamalokaSubtle body limitless Ones pure body, speech and mindFormBody of enjoyment Knowledge and CompleteHeavens 17Physical body of BuddhaManifestation of BuddhaOld age, death or living