YODPAME1.BiographyName Buddha of Infinite Light Amitabha Lotus Clan of Buddha 2.. Apperancein form of Buddha5.Legend Human Chokyi LodroDharmakara6.Conclusionwith Five wisdom Buddhaabove Guru RimpocheTempels Dzongs4.Japan Entire System of faithPure LandWorship 3.Chanting Om Ami Deva HrihRed in color Begging BowlHand Gesture –DhayanaSeated on a lotus throne with moon discPeaceful Semi wrathful WrathfulFive crownmale and femaleSunFunction as Head of BuddhaWest Direction for sun set Physical element of fire32 marks of excellence Ushisha and UrnaTreasuresforth from ContentmentHumilityMany Face Skull Lotus Enlightened purityinnate Potential Disciple of Buddha Jigten Wangchuck Gyalpo LokesvarajaBoddhisattva Vows48 great VowsBuddha of pure landSuffering / sorrow Nangwa Thaye Dewachen or Sukhavati