king'of philosopiy

king'of philosopiy EthicsSelf-immunity Knowledge ConditionMoral ConditionReasonablenessModaretion: The decision concerning the level of sufficiency must be made rationally with consideration of the factors involved and careful anticipation of the outcomes that may be expected from such action.: Sufficiency at a level of not doing something too little or too much at the expense of oneself or others, for example, producing and consuming at a moderate level.: comprising all-round knowledge in the relevant fields and prudence in bringing this knowledge into consideration to understand the relationship among the field so as to use them to aid in the planning and ensure carefulness in the operation.: Refers to the ability of the individuals to protectthemselves against any risks or unexpectedcircumstances resulting from uncontrollable orunpredictable factors that associate with bothinternal and external environment.;: His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadejtaught that all decisions including financialdecisions It should be based on your ethicsand values. The ethical implications ofevery purchase and decision should alwaysbe considered.: having awareness of morality,havinghonesty and have patienceperseverance use wisdom in lifeName : Fatir BaikademStuden ID 6320410185