The 9 Popular Types of Mind Map

Mind mapping is a wonderful technique that results in precise and quick work with a fewer number of errors.

There is various functionality related to mind maps as a lot of corporate institutions tend to use these kinds of Maps to function well. Mind mapping is a wonderful technique that results in precise and quick work with fewer errors. It also helps in visualizing the main idea of any kind of project that you are working on. There are different types of mind maps you can choose from depending on what task you have. 

If you have no idea how to use these maps or what exactly they are here for, then worry no more we are here to help you understand these concepts. Following are the most popular types of mind maps with EdrawMind app that makes working with mind maps a lot easier and more feasible.

types of mind maps
Circle Map

These kinds of Maps are efficient to display and define the details regarding any kind of concept. This map solely works on the history of the concept that you are working on as well as all the ideas that you brainstormed. This map helps him formatting all those brainstorming ideas and connect them in a logical flow so you can generate more coherent results from it. Circle Maps are most popular in helping the students to understand different kinds of symbolizations, images, and mono themed descriptions.

Flow Map
flow map

This map is wonderful for formulating a coherent sequence for data sets and various procedures, mainly those which rather more detailed. This flow map helps the users to enhance their skills and talent via various levels. You can easily make a flow map the way you want. You can do it vertically as well as horizontally. The number of procedures or steps can vary from each flow map; you can either do a descending flow map or an ascending flow map. Most of the people of the scientific studies and theoretical work Tend to use this kind of flow Maps to efficiently represent the variety of concepts they have in theoretical work.

Bubble Map 
bubble map

These Kinds of maps serve the main purpose of clarifying the whole concept or an idea as short as possible. Bubble maps tend to use adjectives to describe any kind of phenomena, which is highly crucial to choose those adjectives very careful carefully. This map helps in utilizing a good wordlist and enhances the knowledge about various forms of vocabulary. As these are very easy to map yet, you need to precisely sure of what adjective you need to describe a certain situation or an idea. This will give out more detailed yet easy to understand results at the end.

Double Bubble Map
double bubble map

Source:Thinking Maps

This is derived from the same concept of bubble maps. This is basically to describe more data with less usage of words. This map lets you compare two things not only that you can also contrast between two different concepts as well. The main functionality of this map is to help the students have a more coherent way to analyze various situations by complaint and contrasting between various topics. It not only saves time but is easy to understand as well. You can easily understand the whole concept when you have a more vivid idea with the help of this double bubble map.

Multi-Flow Map

If you are confused about the purpose and impact of certain topics, ideas or concepts, you can easily understand through the eyes of this multi-flow map. This map can rapidly take out the purposes regarding the concept as well as how it affects the surrounding. You basically need to initiate the map by introducing the main event in it and then run through information to evaluate the cause and effects of the multi-flow map. A lot of researchers and people involved in any predictive studies use the multi flow map.

Tree Map
tree map

These kinds of Maps are useful data that are high in number. Whenever you have more data to settle out but do not know how to categorize it, tree Maps help you to categorize all the data. All you need to do is supply an idea that you need to focus on with adjacent information and all data. The treemap will efficiently show and categorize all the steps and details regarding the concept that you are working on. These are mostly used by people that have tasks regarding vocabulary, such as authors, editors, and researchers writing those research papers.

Bridge Map 
Bridge map


These types of Maps are highly efficient in reducing the confusion between concepts. It is also efficient in defining two different concepts and showing what kind of relationship and connectivity they have in between them and what kind of information that is similar in both concepts. This gives out a Clearview of various ideas in a very efficient way. These are also highly recommended for the situations where you are using datasets more than two, so if you have multiple ideas which are more than just two of them, then you can easily use these kinds of the map to filter out and categorize as well as analyze the main idea. A lot of people working in the field of research tend to use these Maps.

Brace Map
brace map

If you are working with a whole lot of conceptual data anyway, I've done half of the work by analyzing the conceptual data, but the other half is still left to analyze, and you don't have time to do so. This is where brace Maps come in handy. These kinds of Maps can easily analyze and evaluate parts of the information provided to them, which is why you don't have to analyze the whole data again. In order to get the result, you can just analyze the part of the data that you haven't by just selecting it. This is the best example of all the other types of mind maps to visualize all the data you have at that moment. If you are a researcher and author or working in the theoretical Department, then this map can be a lifesaver.

Fishbone Map

The look of the maps looks like a fish one, which is why it is called the fishbone map.It helps in showing all the processes related to the concept you have at hand. It can help to conceptualize the possible causes of a dilemma and to organize concepts into useful categories. A fishbone map can be a visual way to see the origin and effect of a problem in order to consider conceivable causes.

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