Top 10 Stunning Mind Map Examples

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Top 10 Stunning Mind Map Examples

The mind is the fountainhead of ideas. And ideas are multidimensional. So imagine yourself having a pen and paper in hand, taking notes amidst a brainstorming session with your co-workers. It is likely, you would instead "draw out" the key points with graphical doodles, rather than write them down. And you might be willing to do this without any artistic notion at all.

That's the point! Graphics make ideas and thoughts way easier to express and understand than in plain text. It is not just a choice, but rather a need to use mind mapping while teaching and explaining lessons to students, drawing out operational strategies, planning things, or jotting down creative concepts and a long list of other situations that need Freedom of Expression.

creative intelligence mindmap

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What is Mind Map and What It Is Used For?

The mind map is a graphic representation of thoughts and thought processes. All the doodles, scribbles, plans, charts, and other tools that are used to give visibility to an unseeable hypothesis or idea conveyed in a way that the mind believes it to be, so that is it is easier to represent, understand, remember and sync with.

Mind mapping is the quintessential process to define complex subjects and situations, so it is mostly used in stalwart endeavors, like business presentations, higher education, event planning, problem-solving, etc. It is often conveyed to a group of people, co-workers, or pupils working together on mutual interest. Therefore, to do it justice, the graphics in a mind map need to be of high-quality. Within a finite rendition of elements, that's neat, understandable, and also engaging for all kinds of readers so that it doesn't bore them, just like textual content does.

Tips for Mind Mapping

The mind is often a cluttered zone, which needs some freshness and a concise version of the proposed idea. So here are some recommendations to work out a quality Mind Map.

  • Start with a draft. Have a jam session in putting forward your thoughts into paper. First, put down the focus of the subject, and gradually, cover all the instances, scopes, relevant risks, into subtopics, considerations, and highlighted points. At the end of the session, you are likely to have a war zone in the piece of paper, that only you can understand at it’s best. Let it be. That's the point.
  • Now that you have all your ideas put into a visible form, it is time to organize the whole thing into a neat and comprehensive mind map, that would make sense to all.
  • Use labeling for everything, and even the tiniest element should have a term or name so that it is probable to talk about it and make a standpoint.
  • Colors are the most functional thing for mind maps. However, based on how elaborate your Mind Map, choose the right kind of color scheme, that is engaging and charming but doesn’t make your content look clumsy.
  • Be minimalistic. It is ideal to have a white or light shade background color to make the whole thing pop.

If you are still short of ideas, then look up some examples of how others have used Mind Mapping for several projects and purposes.

10 Stunning Map Examples to Help You Get Started

1.    Life Purpose
life purpose mind map

Whether you are starting a new course of life or are in a transition period, having a purpose can fulfill your life. In this template of life purpose plan, the neatly segregated goals come with defined purposes and intentions, arranged in steps and timelines to help you think straight. With the minute details of floral art and a touch of color, it can render a motivating picture of your life ahead.

2.    Marketing Strategy
marketing strategy mind map

Strategies are conceptual. It often happens when one strategy is verbally or textually explained amongst a group of people, it is processed with a different picture in the mind of each. A concise template, such as this one above about Market Strategy, is a great example of regressing strategic plans in a conventional picture with elementary projections of focal matter, mission, statistics, and dynamics. Look closer to how specific groups of elements are color-coded to make it look cohesive.

3.    Risk Management
risk management mind map

This is an example of a Risk Management mind map that specifically cuts short the convoluted facets of diverse risks and stratifies the potentials into finite blocks of color, tracing the moments wherein a callout is necessary or welcome. An order like this is easy to follow and implement.

4.    Stress Management
stress management mind map

This mind mapping template about stress management is much the same that most health and fitness sites and platforms would extensively publish. However, when you have something same that is made exclusively for you or your loved one, then it makes the whole thing a lot easier to relate to and also to follow its course. You may even like to customize it with personal images, notes, and quotes to make it even more special.

5.    Course Plan
course plan mind map

A comprehensive course plan is a handy thing for study groups, individual students, as well as tutors for collaborative actions. Such as this mind map pictured above- it uses a linear template to draw out the subjects and put it together under a single leaf of paper, that has everything within a glance. Usually, these things come in booklets. 

6.    Brainstorming
brainstorming mind map

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Sometimes the way your brain works is all but a bunch of scattered fragments of thoughts and imaginations that seems like a grand idea if it ever made sense in the real world. Try releasing the scattered fragments of your imagination into a mind map, like this template above, which is works towards a core objective, and puts together all the related topics fall in line.

7.    Business Agenda
business agenda mind map

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A business agenda is shaped to absolution when it's gained precision from various directions such as finance, connectivity, method, teamwork, and so on. Look at this template of a Business Strategy mind map that points out different features and agendas as in the course of action, and also includes a positive comment to keep the motivation high. Templates like these are here to replace the drab presentations businesses traditionally use.

8.    Website/Mobile App UX Design
uxer experience mind map

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Use a fishbone or flowchart template to mind map a step by step process for UX Design and delivering creative concepts. Like in this example, the graph follows a definite direction that is easy to follow and synchronize with teams.

9.    Planning A Wedding
wedding planning mind map

Even Though all weddings look similar, it is incredible how every wedding is a unique story that’s hard to define. So while planning a wedding if everyone involved in making it a success had a fail-proof structure to cover all the essentials of the day, it will be easier to keep up with the spirit, avoid forgetful episodes and goofs. So here is a clever example of working out a wedding mind map giving a “main topic” and filling it up with subtopics, so it sets the priorities right.

10.   Planning A Travel
trip planning mind map

Just like a travel map, if you could have a mind map of your itinerary, it will inspire you to be punctual, remember things and have a holistic time. There are many things related to traveling and not just sightseeing and gastronomic tour. Take a cue from the template above, which chronicles the to-do list and bucket list in a row of thought clouds. Making it colorful and interactive will help keep your head in the game.

How to Create a Mind Map with EdrawMind?

There are two methods to use EdrawMind - either download the software on your PC or register at the site to use the web version of the suite. You may download the basic software for free from Play Store or iTunes.

Step 1: Once you have launched the software on your PC or Mobile, first you need to select a template from the template collection. Click on New and it opens an extensive collection of templates. Pick one that's ideal for your content. Just click on it.

Step 2: Selecting the template will open a fresh page with the mind map tools thread on top of the page and the handiest tools close to your hand on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: If you have chosen a ready-to-use template then all you need to do is insert your text in place of the dummy content. If you are starting from scratch, then you can start by inserting the topics one by one.

Step 4: It is advisable that you first create and design the skeleton of your mind map, it can be tempting to check out different background colors, images, patterns, font designs, and special effects to, etc. this is the phase where you explore all the tools and have fun.

Step 5: Once you come to a conclusive end, on your mind map, you can now use the Save button at the top right, which looks like a floppy disk. You may save this file in the Mind Master iCloud storage, or you can download it to your hard-drive by clicking the Export button beside Save.

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