7 Creative Examples of Concept Maps for Teachers

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7 Creative Examples of Concept Maps for Teachers

When we talk about brainstorming or ideation, the topic of a concept map is one of the first things that come to our minds. Also known as conceptual maps, they are widely known graphical representations of ideas, facts, and concepts. These days, the graphical tool is majorly used in education as it can help us explain even a complex topic to others in a seamless manner. Students are encouraged to learn from the examples of concept maps for teachers as they can be included in almost every subject. In this guide, I’m going to cover the use of concept mapping in teaching with 7 varied examples.

basic concept map

How can Concept Maps Help Teachers?

Concept Maps are already used in different domains, but their major role is in education. Concept mapping in teaching can help both the students and teachers alike in the following manner.

  • They can act as a perfect visual aid and give teachers an edge while explaining something.
  • We can break down even a complex topic in a simpler manner using concept maps.
  • Since there are so many examples of concept maps for teachers, they can be used in different subjects like English, Biology, History, Geography, Math, etc.
  • They explore the concepts that are already known and link it with a problem for better understanding.
  • Concept maps are also extensively used in brainstorming as they boost self-learning and ideation.
  • We can draw all kinds of connections and relationships in a concept map, making them less rigid and more dynamic.
  • Teachers can connect a topic with different sub-topics, explore numerous domains, and resolve a complex issue with these diagrams.
  • They aim at problem-solving and learning a topic rather than cramming textual information. In this way, students can retain the solution in the long run by actually understanding it.

7 Creative Examples of Concept Maps for Teachers

Now when you know the importance of concept mapping in teaching, let’s step it up a little and get to know about some examples of concept maps for teachers.

1. Types of Numbers

To start with, I’m going to list a simple concept map that can be used by math teachers for junior students. In one of these examples of concept maps for teachers, you can simply make your students familiar with different types of numbers. You can just teach your students about every number type in detail like negative numbers, fractions, surds, decimals, and so on.

type of numbers

Image Source: wp.com

2. English Syntax Concept

Concept mapping in teaching is extensively used in languages like English. In this example, we have explored the concept of sentence construction and its types. A sentence can either be of direct speech or indirect speech. When we talk about the types of sentences, they can either be simple, compound, or complex. The concept map further explores these types of sentences with their syntax. You can also view the major components of a sentence like its subject, object, predicate, and so on.

english syntax concept
3. World War II Concept Map

This concept map example shows what led to World War II and its aftereffects. It discusses the four major countries that were active in World War II – Germany, France, Spain, and Russia. Each of these countries had a dictator, and there are different factors associated with them that led to World War II. Lastly, in the green, you can see the outcome of the war and how it affected each country.

world war two concept map

Image Source: wpmucdn.com

4. How Does a Tsunami happen?

If you are a Geography teacher, then you can take the assistance of one of these examples of concept maps for teachers dedicated to Tsunami. Firstly, you can see that Tsunami belongs to a natural disaster caused by waves and earthquakes in the ocean. The concept map also lists other factors that can strengthen a Tsunami. Apart from that, the diagram has also listed its influences and the major areas that have been affected by Tsunamis in the past.

tsunami happen concept map
5. Types of Cells in Human Body

Another example of concept mapping in teaching is about Biology that explores different types of cells. As you can see, some of the major cell types are white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, muscle cells, etc. The important cells are drawn in bigger circles so that your students can focus on them easily.

types of cells
6. Ray Optics Concept Map

Using this informative concept map example, you can teach your students about Ray Optics. The two major fields of options are Reflection and Refraction. A spherical mirror is the most common object to observe reflection. On the other hand, refraction is dependent on the refractive index that is further categorized. Lastly, you can discuss the common optical instruments that are involved in ray optics.

ray optics concept map

Image Source: studiestoday.com

7. Basketball vs. Football

Even teachers of Physical Education can take the assistance of examples of concept maps for teachers to explore different concepts. In this concept mapping, we have compared the two major sports – football and basketball. Firstly, you can see how both sports are different from each other on the basis of various parameters. Not just that, the concept map has also explored some similarities between both the sports as well.

basketball vs football

Image Source: arizona.edu

How to Create a Concept Map with EdrawMind?

Now when you know the different examples of concept maps for teachers, you must be willing to draw some of these diagrams on your own. To come up with your own concept map, follow these steps:

Step 1: Do Your Research

To start with, you need to pick a topic to create a concept map and get to know more about it. For instance, if you are creating a concept map on Tsunami, then you should write down all the important information beforehand.

Step 2: Draw Relationships

Once you have all the details, you can draw different relationships between these factors. You can also group the information under different categories and pick what you wish to depict on the concept map.

Step 3: Use a Professional Tool to Draw Concept Maps

To save your time, you can take the assistance of a professional tool like EdrawMind to create your concept map. The tool would not need any designing experience and has tons of vectors to pick from. You can use its feature to draw your concept map and export it in the desired format in the end.

concept map EdrawMind

There you go! Now when you know about the different examples of concept maps for teachers, you can easily use them according to your needs. Since concept mapping in teaching is gaining a lot of popularity, you can use these visual aids to discuss any topic with your audience in the simplest way. For this, you can take the assistance of EdrawMind that is a user-friendly application to draw all sorts of illustrations like a pro.