9 Typical Customers and Marketing Skills to Make You Succeed

If you are a sale or you've been sales for years, you sell a certain product to all kinds of people every day. No matter what kind of people you meet, you are repeatedly using the same method to do promotion, but is the success rate low? In fact, from the individual point of view, everyone's disposition is different, but in general, everyone can not be the same, but also not entirely different. Therefore, we can summarize some personality characteristics of customers based on this, and roughly classify them into nine categories, and give corresponding countermeasures.


Before classifying, we must recognize the familiar word - the character that is a person's stable attitude to reality, and the personality characteristics in the habitual behavior corresponding to this attitude. Once the character is formed, it is relatively stable. Based on this, we can classify customers into nine types.

Since it is classified in to nine types, we must find out their differences and seek corresponding strategies. Marketing skills need us to understand customers' psychology, product professional knowledge, common social sense, expression ability, and communication ability, to make the perfect play of this skill. Marketing is a process of communication between people. The purpose is to move with emotion, to understand with reason, and to induce with benefit.

Classification & Prescription

Agree with everything.

Pretending to be an expert.

Vanity customers.

Rational customer.

Indifferent customer

Curious customer.

Patient customer.

Rude and suspicious customer.

Picky customer.

Reflection & Promotion

Is the salesperson an indiscriminate army of low thresholds or a high-level thinking master? Anyone can make sales, but not everyone can do it well.

Accurately grasp the customer population and communicate with them using appropriate techniques. Some people make fun; if we have time, a chat is also a way to relax. Some people's desire to buy is just not being tapped. We need to be patient to help him tap it so that we can win more orders. Using different skills to communicate with different customers is a significant prerequisite for sales.

Even if the customer abuses me thousands of times, I always treat the customer as my first love. It is reasonable for the customer to be God. If we serve a customer well, we may bring 250 customers. Offending one of these customers could offend 250 customers, which would be a significant loss. Whether a customer pays a bill or not depends to a large extent on the customer's acceptance of the product. We do not need to offend the customer because he does not buy it.

Selling is not an easy task. It requires continuous learning and a summary. It always takes time and experience to hone us. Don't deny yourself because of momentary failure. Come on, stranger, I wish you more and more smooth sales and continuously improve yourself.


The article here is a general understanding. The planning adopted by different types of customers will be different, and sometimes completely different. To improve marketing skills, we remember to learn to identify the types of customers and adopt corresponding methods for promotion. It requires us to learn and appreciate more in our lives. After all, theory, applying theory to practice, requires more practice.

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