How to Find Your Career Path

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I believe that many of us have made all kinds of plans for life. When we are students, we will make a short, medium, and long-term learning plan for ourselves so that we can distinguish what most important things are and what is secondary, to arrange our time reasonably. And when we have a job, we will make a career plan for ourselves, through which we can excavate our value, establish a clear career development direction, to improve personal accomplishment.

After we have determined our career, we need to plan the right career path for ourselves. So, what is the career path? What aspects or ways do you choose to achieve your career goals after you choose your career? Do you want to develop your career in the direction of professional technology or that of administration? This is the career line. After all, the development directions are different, so the personality requirements are also different. So how can we find our career path? This article will take you to find the right career path through some mind maps from EdrawMind, let's look down together!

Look at Yourself -- Find your own advantages

The career line is your own business; the key lies in yourself. So, how to find your career advantages? There are three ways, firstly, by self-evaluation: look at what you have spent more time in and then think about what you have done is full of sense of achievement? Secondly, by others: the spectators can see clearly, ask yourself these questions and then ask the people who are familiar with you to know what you are in the eyes of others. Thirdly, you can understand yourself through some career assessments.

find advantage

Look at the workplace -- Find the force points for ability improvement

In the workplace, three questions need to be answered: how far can the existing promotion path go? Professional direction or administrative direction? Am I in the right striving course? You need to learn about the capabilities of different stages of career growth.

Find the force points for ability improvement

Look at the workplace -- How to avoid restrictions of your short slabs?

If we have found a way to improve our ability, so how can we avoid the limitation of our short slabs? Here is a general ability in the workplace, self-management, needless to say, is one of the best ways to improve ourselves effectively. The two critical points are interpersonal communication, and decision-making thought. Interpersonal communication is essential for us to get along with others. Excellent interpersonal communication should be mutual respect, mutual tolerance, mutual understanding, to improve interpersonal skills, which can also improve our communication skills.

How to avoid restrictions of your short slabs?

Look at the market -- Find your own "fast lane"

If you want to be the source of information channel of yourself, you should pay attention to the future trend and explore any possibility, because the important source of information is people. This section will tell you what is the research-based method to seek a job, and the purpose is to let us know where the gap is?

Find your own fast lane

Look at the market -- Increase the probability to meet good opportunities

To increase the likelihood of meeting with excellent opportunities is to make use of all the things we can touch. And articulating your advantages in work is to show your consciousness. So you need to make use of the community, network, and so on that you can use around you.

Increase the probability to meet good opportunities

Case answering

The following 10 cases of the mind map will answer your questions from different perspectives. You can find your problems or doubts from the cases, and then find your career path through the cases and methods.


How to download career path pictures?

  1. Open EdrawMind and enter the mind mapping community.
  2. Search keywords: career path.
  3. Open mind map, click export and send.
  4. EdrawMind supports different formats of export, one click sharing is more convenient and quick.
  5. Exporting tips: if you want to export the content of a theme separately, you can choose to drill into a theme and then export it.