How To Improve Vocabulary Effectively

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Language is the only means which is used to exchange ideas and thoughts between person to person. Knowing the different languages of different countries makes you more intelligent by adding new language skills in your personality. Nowadays, many business people and spoke persons know more than two or three languages except their mother language to have a good grip on their foreign clients and customers.

how to improve vocabulary effectively - EdrawMind


Why Improve Your Vocabulary?

While learning a new language, you should be more concerned about improving your vocabulary or adding new words to your word bank, since that is the place from where you get your wording to form your sentences or communicate with people.

Being thoroughly in a new language or having a good grip on the language vocabulary makes you more professional. In this article, we are going to show you how to improve your vocabulary in an effortless and convenient way.

Benefits of Using Mind Maps

When we start learning a new language, the big challenge we face to improve is to expand our vocabulary and become an expert in the original language. Here are some benefits of using a mind map in solving the query: how to expand your vocabulary.

how to improve vocabulary effectively - EdrawMind

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Easy To Remember:

When you put the new words on a mind map as per their category, it becomes easy to remember those words by their classification. Correlating those new words with your language and implementing them in day-to-day life is the secret to improve your vocabulary for a new language.

Detailed Information:

By seeing a mind map, you get a detailed picture of the language you are going to learn and what is the meaning of one particular word in your language. By expanding the branches from the main topic, you can add many sub-topics which you are going to cover.

Logical Analysis:

It is not possible to write down many words and create your vocabulary manually by using a pen and paper. With the mind map, you can quickly analyze the type of word you are looking for in a particular situation or conversation and can remember just by its properties.

Strightforward Categorization:

You can categorize the words you are learning according to their place and time of use and can quickly learn new words, such as food, color, shopping, clothing, animals, direction, etc.


It saves your time in comparison to using the traditional pen and paper method to improve your vocabulary as you get everything on a single layout, and it does not take much time to prepare a mind map. Mind maps work better, especially compared with the traditional ways wherein you note down new words or you learn using pen and paper, which would lead to inevitable confusion and lengthy process.


How To Improve Vocabulary with Mind Maps?

To learn a new language, we should have a strong memory in its vocabulary so that it will be easy for us to write creative sentences and start trying to speak that language. At this time, EdrawMind, as an efficient tool, helps users create mind maps to revise or classify vocabulary productively. Therefore let’s create a practical mind map to learn how to improve your vocabulary by using EdrawMind.

Step 1:

To Login/Register EdrawMind by using ID and password, it will take you to the EdrawMind dashboard from which there are diverse functionalities on the left.

EdrawMind step1

Step 2:

Once you click on New you will have a set of maps displayed on the dashboard, which can lead you to make your mind map. There are plenty of diagrams and templates that you can choose. Let’s click on the Radial Map,which assists users in generating a general concept, then creat sub-ideas for enhancing vocabulary revision.

EdrawMind step2

Step 3:

Clicking on the Theme from the Topic Format section on the right of the page to choose the style you are going to make. Name the Main Idea is the Language vocabulary you are going to learn. Then select the layout and connector format according to your preference. Right now, it is time to start adding subtopics since having the main concept, which is the French Vocabulary, with the help of Insert Topic button on the top right of the ribbon.

EdrawMind step3

Step 4:

Once you add the subtopics, there is a clear map in front of you to guide you better on which direction you are going to proceed with your learning.

EdrawMind step4

Step 5:

Choose one of the topics that you are going to start and learn new words and then begin adding subtopics showing on the diagram below. After creating your map, don’t forget to click on the Save button on the top to store your work.

EdrawMind step5


Tips for Studying with Mind Maps

Mind maps prWhovide practical and reliable ways to put your ideas in a more detailed map and from which keep on extracting sub-ideas and finally achieve your goal. While trying to learn a new language, you will get confused about how to expand your vocabulary follow the above-described steps, and create a mind map from which you will benefit a lot. Here are some tips for studying with Mind Maps.

  1. Keep the language and the subtopics handy on which you are going to learn new words.
  2. Pick up some easy and day-to-day used words from the subtopic and create a connection with your language.
  3. Gradually increase the subtopics or the area you are going to cover that new language.
  4. Finally, you will have a clear picture or an architectural model to expand your w which can be used the repeated tind of language.
  5. Take a with print out and try remembering each word you learn on a daily basis.
  6. Try to combine the words and form a sentence with the words you learned.