How to Know Yourself Better and Get Rid of Confusion

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The phrase "know yourself" was first engraved on the entrance to the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, Greece. Chapter 33 of China's Tao Te Ching states: "Those who know themselves are wise, and those who know themselves are clear. Those who are active are powerful, and those who are healthy are strong. How long it is important to have a clear and unambiguous understanding of yourself from the sources, classics, philosophy, etc. " You use the mind map to understand and master this model so that you can correctly understand yourself.

How to Know Yourself Correctly

Know Yourself Correctly

The upper part of the iceberg is visible, so what is knowledge? What are the skills? In your impression, what do you think? My understanding is that knowledge is the experience you have learned from studying, working, and living, theoretical things, and skills. After you master the project, you can quickly get started, apply, and operate.

Knowledge and Skills

From the two points of knowledge and skills, we can see that both can be obtained through hard work the day after tomorrow.

Let's see what the middle part of the iceberg is. It is the abilities that you have now, and you want to have in the future. They are the abilities of communication, logical thinking, speech, management. But you can successfully master them by practicing, trying, and improving from feedback with the following methods.

How to Improve Your Ability

Through the study of the middle part of the iceberg, we next see that the factors at the bottom of the iceberg are the values Milton Rochki divided the values into two models, one is the ultimate value, and the other is the tool value. There are no right or bad values in our lives.

How to Improve Your Sense of Worth

In short, we know that knowledge and skills can be acquired through the day after tomorrow. Capabilities that is, our soft abilities can be learned through the day after day of summing up, trying, and feedback. Values will affect the way we look at things and produce different behaviors. I believe that through a step-by-step analysis of the mind map, you have a clearer understanding of yourself, act quickly, and let your destiny be in your hands.