How to Make a Concept Map in Google Docs?

Nowadays, many people use various technical software and computerized gadgets to make their professional life easy and increase their working speed and the accuracy of their work. The majority of people in different categories of the working field require help to visualize the whole technical ideas they come up with to evaluate and show to the fellow workers or colleagues. In this kind of situation, there is a high use of 'concept maps'. This is basically a very specialized technique of showing the links between the various points and ideas you have on how to make a concept map in Google Docs.

How would you like to create your concept map?

Step By Step On How To Make A Concept Map In Google Docs

Google Docs is additionally a decent option for the individuals who need to make a concept map on the web. All you require is a Gmail record to totally utilize this program. This is basically utilized for altering documents coordinated with "Drawing" usefulness that permits you to make outlines utilizing fundamental shapes. To figure out how to utilize this apparatus to make a concept map. Work by following just these guidelines and you are good to go.

Stage 1 – Open Google Docs

Open Google docs on your PC, laptop or your preferred browser and sign in with your own Google account. Presently, select a clear page.

Stage 2 – Draw a Google Docs Concept Map
draw a concept map in google docs

To make a Google docs concept map, then on the upper most side of the screen there would be the Insert option, click on that, and choose the option of drawing. By clicking on that a New tab will appear. A spring up alternatives window will appear on your screen. By and by you can make a concept map in Google Docs by utilizing the alluring contraptions. Add illustrations, colors, branches that function as connectors, and text customization and using the significant image on the tab. Add the text you want, in conclusion, join all the graphical things using the branches that function as a connector line.

Stage 3 – Edit and Customize

Whenever you have made an overall configuration for your concept map, add the last subtleties, and alter the concept map. You can change the textual style, tones, and add pictures.

Stage 4 – Add a Concept map on Google Docs
add a concept map on google docs

How to Make a Concept Map in EdrawMind?

Stage 1 – Open EdrawMind
open EdrawMind

Dispatch the thing and select the one required game plan. Or then again you can dispatch a reasonable page where you can make your concept map with no orchestrating.

Stage 2 – Draw a Concept Map
draw a concept map in EdrawMind

To make a cerebrum map in EdrawMind, we will make one with no organizing using the gadgets present in EdrawMind. To draw a concept map, you will use assembled diagrammatic instruments, i.e., Topic, SubTopics, Floating subjects, etc, which are set in the Home tab. Use these gadgets to draft a concept map, click on Topic, and consequently click on the screen to install it on your map. In like manner, keep adding until your concept map is done. At whatever point you have drafted the map, add text in the cases and this is the way to make a concept map in a google doc.

Stage 3 – Customize and Save Concept maps
customize and save your concept map

At whatever point you have drawn the concept map, modify it using the Format board on the right half of the window. Continue to adjust until you are content with the results. By then you can save your concept map on your PC or the cloud with different document plans, for instance, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and HTML.

How to Export a EdrawMind Concept Map?

After you have made a concept map in EdrawMind, you can save it in various organizations. If you need to save your Concept map in google doc design, it is a simple interaction of two stages. Follow the beneath steps to save your concept map in google docs design and this is how to make a concept map in google docs.

Click the upper left tab, starting from the drop menu select Export. From the Export menu, select Export to Excel and your concept map will be saved as an Excel document to your PC.