How to Make a Mind Map in Visio

A mind map is a type of diagram that is used to display information that is based on a central idea visually. The core idea is placed in the middle of the diagram, and the associated thoughts are gathered around it. It is also known as a brainstorming diagram. Anyone can make mind maps – teachers, students, business persons, etc. A top-rated tool for creating mind maps is Microsoft Visio. We will teach you how to make a mind map in Visio today.

How would you like to create your mind map?
Using an inbuilt mind map template in EdrawMind
Time to complete: 1 minute
Manually create a mind map template in Visio
Time to complete: 30 minutes

How to Make a Mind Map in Visio

Visio is a popular software by Microsoft, which is used to create different types of visual content. To make a mind map in Visio, you will have to follow these steps:

Step 1 – Launch Visio

Open Visio 2016 or the latest version in your PC.

Step 2 – Select Template

In Visio, the mind map is called a brainstorming diagram. There are two ways of creating a brainstorming diagram in Visio, i.e., by using a Visio mind map template or with the help of brainstorming shapes. The templates are available in the template gallery whereas, and the brainstorming shapes are in More Shapes > Business > Brainstorming.

visio search brainstorming

Step 3 – Create a Mind Map

If you have used a brainstorming mind map template in Visio, then you need to edit and customize it to suit your preferences. However, to make a mind map diagram from scratch, click on New. A sub-menu will appear. Go to More Shapes > Business and select Brainstorming. Now arrange the shapes and add lines to create a map. You can text, adjust colors, add images, and so on.

visio make mind map

Step 4 – Finalize

Once you have laid out a mind map, it is time for you to start customizing it as per your likes. Use the brainstorming ribbon to add more topics, for arranging sub-topics, etc. The brainstorm will also give you different tools to format your mind map. Likewise, a short-cut menu will also appear, which you can use to make quick changes and edits. Keep revising and finalize your mind map until you are happy with it.

Step 5 – Save

Once you have completed the mind map, you can save your file for later edits.

How to Make a Mind Map in EdrawMind

EdrawMind is an excellent tool to create different types of maps and diagrams. This visual tool can also be used to create brainstorming diagrams. Download the EdrawMind desktop app or use an online app to make a stunning mind map right now!

Step 1 – Open EdrawMind

EdrawMind (URL: supports different terminals, including Mobile (Android and iOS), Web and PC, so you can easily use this app on any device. Launch the software and select a blank page.


Step 2 – Draw the Concept Map

To draw a mind map on EdrawMind, you can use a template or use the basic topics and connectors. You can see the templates in the above screenshot that appear. It will help you save time as all you will need to do is customize the template. However, to make a mind map from scratch, use different diagrammatic tools such as Insert Topicinsert sub-topicsinsert relations, etc. located on the top left of the editing interface. Use these tools to draft a concept map using shapes, floating lines, and text. We will use a template for this article. 

open template

Step 3 – Edit and Customize

Once you have drawn the mind map, make sure everything is laid out correctly. You can keep changing and formatting with the help of the Format Tab on the right side of the screen. Once all the revisions are done, customize your concept map by changing color, font, style, etc. 

Once the concept map is complete, you can save your file by click on File > Save. Name your document, select the desired folder, and click on Save.

customize mind map

Free Mind Map Templates

Making mind maps in EdrawMind is a fun and easy task. With the help of the templates, you can create different mind maps quickly and easily. If you want to make different types of mind maps, then you can also use these free editable mind map templates by Edraw.

HR Roles Mind Map Template – Use this template to create your company HR roles mind map quickly!

hr roles mind map

Company Structure Mind Map Template – Use this mind map when you are planning your own company structure!

company structure mind map

Cost Benefits Analysis Mind Map Template – Cost accountants can use this template to create cost-benefit analysis with the help of this template!

cost benefits analysis mind map

Negotiation Mind Map Template – Business individuals can use this mind map to create a detailed and interesting negotiation min map right away!

negotiation mind map