How to Start an Essay with 7 Attractive Strategies

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How to Write an Essay with 7 strategies

Essays are a piece of writing on a particular subject that describes everything. By going through an essay, one can understand in and out of the specified topic. The essay is an effort to put down what we know on a piece of paper. In an essay, the introduction plays a very vital role as that is the place where the reader gets the whole idea. But to start an essay, we often get confused about where to start and how to start it.

So here are some valuable tips for you, which will help you to start an essay and complete it with much confidence.

7 Strategies with Help of EdrawMind

Let’s create a mind map that have the steps listed down to start an essay.

EdrawMind helps to build mind map for writing essay

1. Ask Question to Yourself on The Topic

Until and unless you have some idea about the topic, you cannot proceed with writing. Writing on a new thing can lead to stopping your essay in the beginning. So before starting an article on a new topic, ask yourself what you know about? When was the last time you spoke about the topic? Writing down each point you know about this topic and those small pointers will help to form a paragraph, and from one paragraph, you can write the whole essay.

2. Do A Background Research

Before starting to write you can do background research such as searching on the internet and taking help from others about the topic. Don’t think that doing research or reading more will waste your time, but it will help you to gain more knowledge so that you will not have many questions about how to start your essay. Instead, you will think about how will I complete it.

3. Refer to Books of Your Choice

Some people are more close to the books rather than soft copies or internet things. For them, you can read books on the related topic and get an idea of how essays should be written further and what are the extra points you can add with your experience. Sometimes curiosity really helps you to know deeply in related topics. Reading is also a good habit for a writer, since the more you read, the more you will get the ideas to write.

4. Think for A Brief Introduction

The introduction is the first face of the essay. From the introduction, readers could get interested in going into the writing. Once you have your topic handy, first think for an impressive paragraph that describes all about your essay. So keep the introduction short and crisp so that a reader will love to read the whole piece without any hesitation. Regardless of where we start, it is recommended that the introduction should begin with an attention grabber or an example that hooks the reader within the very first sentence.

5. Focus on the Title & Subheadings

After getting all information about the topic, it would be confusing as you have more information with you. So this problem can be solved when you divide the main idea into different sub-headings and sub-titles. It will be easy to go one by one sub-headings and cover the whole essay. It could give a good look to your essay as well as a reader gets more interest when an essay is written with subheadings rather than full of paragraphs.

6. Add Quotation

Quotes are the small piece of lines that are more explanatory than a big paragraph. Quote gives a good attraction to your essay and it makes you a good author. You can find online quotations for the respective topic you are writing upon or else you can refer some books as well. Quotation gives a new look to your essay, and readers don’t lose interest while reading it. Furthermore, Quotations could be useful to drag the readers’ attention into the subject. Hence, adding at least, a single quotation into your essay is specially recommended.

7. End with Conclusion

Like the introduction part, the conclusion also plays a very vital role in the essay. As you have given an excellent start in your article, you have to conclude it properly. A reasonable conclusion draws a satisfactory feeling in the readers' minds. Having a well-written body but a weak conclusion can lead to a bad essay writing. So the conclusion is as vital as the introduction. Afterward, it is essential that don't forget to check the grammar, punctuation, and writing of the whole essay.

Essay writing was never easy without having good guidance. With a mind map, you can solve the issue of how to start an essay by working on the points or the milestones set by you. A reasonable conclusion may include an image, a quotation as well. Without thinking about how to write a great essay at once, you can go one by one step to get a great outcome at the end. By using the mind map, you get a clear picture of writing a new essay by following 7 steps above mentioned.