Learning Geography: Top Tips to Study Geography

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Worried About Learning Geography? Here Are The Top Tips To Study Geography!

Geography exams, without any doubt, can be a bit hard to pass when you've not studied properly as they require great memorization skills. However, there are two types of geography, one is human geography and the other one is physical geography. The sole focus of human geography is to study human societies. It is the study of how humans operate, how they face struggle, and how they're formed. However, every student at some point in his/her career has to learn geography. And, when we talk about physical geography, then it is all about the study of the earth's physical processes and characteristics.

Physical geography includes a number of things like climate, oceans, weather systems, shifting of tectonic plates, and rock formation. How to study geography is the question of every other student, unless he gets to know some effective tips and techniques. Physical geography twirls around questions such as "why this is happening and where is it happening?" For instance, where is the continent located, where are the major rivers and sea? And when you extend this investigation, then numerous further questions will be formed into your mind and your study will get open to natural resources, topography, human civilization – countries, towns, and in the last, cities.

And, when you bring your mind to the question "where," it will get easier for you to answer why! Moreover, it doesn't end here. Geography sometimes crosses over the study of economics and history. Such as the occurrence of such events that caused people to settle down into another place, the date of a historical event, what these people do for a living and how much they earn, what crops grow in specific regions, and the list is never-ending. And when you begin to know the tips and tricks about how to study geography effectively, all of a sudden, you won't face any hindrances in your learning. Because it is all about smart work and not hard work. Below are some of the top tips that are sure to help you in your learning process.

1.Learn and Practice Directions:

To learn geography it is important to learn directions. Because geography is all about directions and maps. As we all know about South, West, East, and North. At times, it feels very easy to learn these directions but when these directions are twisted with longitude and latitude it gets difficult to learn. So, the key point is to learn and practice directions quite often. If you want to ace the geography then keep then in mind that directions will make you a pro at geography.

2.Use Flashcards:

Just remember one thing a picture can do a wonder that 1000 words explanation could not possibly do. Visual information indeed has more impact than words. So, if you want to ace the question that how to learn geography? Then start learning it by flashcards from now. Try to create new techniques with flashcards that would help you to learn in a better way!

3.Be an Atlas Map Master:

Map to geography is like water to fish. If you may eliminate water from a life of fish it would die, likewise, with the geography if you may omit maps then there is no geography left. So, you cannot play hide and seek with maps, anyhow, you have to learn maps. Do not panic, it’s not that hard! You just need to have some tips and tricks that would make your learning easy. For instance, do not memorize every city at once first start with the known or popular city then learn others.

Also, you can create your own medium to learn maps and there is no shame in it. Your motto should be just, to ace the map.

Figure 01: the Globe

4.Create Mind Maps:

As long as you dwell on the subject it gets easier to understand. There would be no use if you are just sitting and questioning that how to study geography? And not working on it. Mind mapping is a very useful technique to memorize any subject and when it is GEOGRAPHY it becomes mandatory to create a mind map. Mind maps do not only simplifies the query but also, it helps you to pen down your thoughts or question regarding subject or topic.

5.Do Not Mug Up!

Mugging up is a bad thing. It does not increase your knowledge but just the marks. Keep in mind that if you would not have any practical knowledge of how would you become a master? Marks might make you a topper but they would definitely not make you a master. There is a very thin between a master and a topper. Geography is a subject that needs understanding, your cramming knowledge will not do such wonders.

6.Take Quizzes:

How to learn geography fast? Here, is the answer! Quizzes will help you out to learn geography fast. Quizzes can help you a lot. The quizzes can be of any type like map quizzes, word quizzes, puzzles, and a lot more. But, make sure you are practicing a lot as, practice is the key!

Figure 02: a test/quiz

In a Nutshell:

Now, you know the top tips to learn geography effectively and efficiently. Just follow these and find the changes by yourself. Keep yourself well-prepared by following these tips, you can also take some online tests that are of no cost. By taking these tests, you can assure yourself about your preparation. Geography is a vast subject, there is so much to cover and it gets hard to memorize everything. But, with some good tips and techniques, one can master it all.