5 Tips for How To Study Physics Effectively

In order to learn physics and to succeed at it, you would need some killer strategies. As we all know, physics has a tough reputation. It has less to memorize and it requires more critical thinking than other subjects. Physics includes the study of gravity, energy, fluids, energy, motion, and areas like quantum physics and thermodynamics. Overall, it is a very fun subject. But, it is not easy to summarize each and every area of this field. And at the most basic level, physics tries to quantify numerous forces in the universe. Just as, in order to describe velocity and electricity, numbers are used.

5 Tips for How To Study Physics Effectively

Once physicists have done quantifying diverse parts of the natural world, then they try to surmise the relationship among various quantities. For example, physicists have quantified the rate at which the objects fall. It is due to the mass of the object and the force of gravity. However, to represent these relationships in a visually appealing manner, models, equations, charts, and graphs are utilized. 

Physics answers numerous questions, it tries to demonstrate how the universe is made, what makes the stars shine and so many other things. And not only this, but it is also allocated to various activities that help in the development of computer games to the production of energy and curing diseases. So, after knowing it all, there is no rocket-science in believing that physics is one of the most applicable fields of study. 

But physics too has mathematical problems that sometimes be a reason of headache to many students. And exams turn into a nightmare for those students who neglected their books the whole and year, and for them, who find it hard to learn physics. But, there are some effective study habits that can help you to increase your interest in this field. And you don't have to worry about it, we have curated the top 5 tips for how to study physics. Just follow these, and you're sure to see great changes in your learning.

1.Focus On Your Base:

It cannot be denied that Physics is an amalgam of numerous theories, formulae, derivations, equations, and so on. So, to keep a track of everything in mind, you need to focus on your base and try to make it even stronger. It is certain that you cannot mug up complex formulae in a glance, so it is always smart and effective to focus on the base, so, you may not mislead the field. By creating a mind map can help you to learn physics easily. Here, is an example:

2.Command on Basic Equation:

As said before to learn physics in a better way you need to keep your base or foundation strong. Like so, you must know the science behind the basic physics equation. Classical mechanics, energy formulae, mass, force, and a lot like these are the basics of Physics. These rubrics have the answer to how to study physics effectively.

Some basic formulae are as under:

If you have a command on basic formulae like these then learning physics will be your cup of tea!

3.Math is the Key!

The third astounding tip to study physics effectively is to keep your math game strong. Math is highly involved in the field of physics. There is always to medium to travel and the medium of physics is Math. Without math, you can catch physics’ pointers efficiently.

Algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, and linear algebra are the topics that can help you to understand physics easily and still if you are thinking how to learn physics effectively then here, is a mind map of math basic pointers.

4.Do not forget the SI Units:

The SI units might seem dainty but these are not. The SI unit can create a massive difference. For instance, you have completed a numerical or sum and you forget to write the unit or might have used a wrong one, it is the same as you have made a flavorsome trifle and added salt instead. COMPLETE WASTE! Likewise, with this using wrong or completely ignoring the SI unit can make your document trash. Here, are the SI unit to help you in some way:

Table 01: SI Units


Name of the Unit











Electric Current






Luminous Intensity



Amount of Substance



5.Focus on Illustrations:

Visual learning is always effective and works more promptly. Whether it is a drawing, graphs, doodle, or image every visual illustration will help you to understand physics easily. Also, learning from graphs or pictures can help you to memorize more.

Graph 01: Uniform Velocity

The above figure shows the distance in a particular direction in a certain time, which gives the result of uniform velocity.

The reason behind this graph is to show you that visual illustration is far more effective than a written document. Here is an example.

In a Nutshell:

The above 5 tips can be followed to learn physics effectively and quickly. Physics, without any doubt, is a very important subject and it is crucial to concentrate on the subject from the very beginning and clear the basic concepts. And with such advancement of technology today, the availability of online tests, mock tests, and other resources are enough to ensure that you're well prepared for your examination. And those, students who find physics a boring subject or don't feel like studying it at all can run through the 5 tips mentioned above. However, learning physics with the right understanding can help you to contribute a lot to this field. So, be a leader of physics by following these top 5 tips, mentioned above.