Endocrine System Concept Map Template

Who says the endocrine system is complex? You can create a simpler explanation of its functions through an excellent concept map medium.
Endocrine System Concept Map Template

What is an endocrine system concept map?

In one way or another, almost everyone has learned about the endocrine system in school. Whether you are tasked with illustrating how the system functions in a more straightforward form or explaining the system processes to the class, it can always be handy if you use a graphic organizer and diagramming tools.
As a backgrounder, the endocrine system involves a series of glands that secrete and produce hormones that the body uses for a vast range of functions. It controls several bodily functions, including metabolism, respiration, sensory perception, reproduction, sexual development, growth, and movement. They sure are a handful, and each bodily function has a distinct process. Hence you need to adapt an organization tool to explain every part under this vast subject.

Benefits of using an endocrine system concept map

As with any diagramming tool, it is easier to understand concepts when they are visually represented. Of course, there will be some who opt to read long paragraphs to understand systems and ideas. Additionally, some subjects can be accurately explained using longer explanations.
The endocrine system comprises various areas and functions that can be better explained through a concept map. It is an excellent web diagram used to explore knowledge and collect and share information. As you incorporate the endocrine system into your concept map diagrams, you visually represent connections and relationships among aspects of the endocrine system.
As much as the endocrine system concept map is helpful to learners and educators to visualize functions, some concept maps serve as the basis for writing articles. It is kind of a two-way medium to explain things.

Endocrine System Concept Map Templates

You have vast options on how to present concept maps of the endocrine system. Maximize the features of online diagramming tools to deliver your concept maps effectively. For reference, you can see a few examples below:

Example 1

The diagram below seems a whole lot to take in at one glance. However, if you look closely at it, the concept map is a detailed yet straightforward diagram. So readers can have better images, the creator uses a human body, draws the main hormone-producing glands, and uses big letters to label each of them.
Each gland is also labeled with the kind of hormone it produces. It's as detailed as reading paragraphs about the composition of the endocrine system. Remember that short phrases and some images can work well with concept maps.

Example 2

This is another concept map illustrating the endocrine system. It also mentions the glands associated with the endocrine system; however, unlike the first, it does not explain what gland produces, what hormone, which can also be essential, especially for those not really into endocrinology. However, the diagram specifies several functions of the hormones and their kinds.
Online tools for concept mapping provide a collaboration feature where groups can provide comments, inputs and can edit the diagram. Suppose you feel like changing some of the aspects of the illustration, no need to send an email for changes, as you can go directly to the interface and give your inputs. You can use colors to classify every element on the diagram below.

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