Energy Concept Map Template

Create visually appealing diagrams to classify the broad concept of energy, and explore its functions.
Energy Concept Map Template

What is an energy concept map?

Energy is probably one of the most common words people use daily. In the simplest term, energy is the ability to do work. It is how things move and change. Everyone always experiences energy. It may seem as simple as associating energy with movements; however, as you look into it closely, you will discover that it has six basic types with different characteristics and processes.
Energy is a complex concept. Most utilize concept maps to classify every component or idea within the main topic. An energy concept map can either be general or specific. It's like you are outlining the essential elements to simplify the concept of energy.

Benefits of using an energy concept map

Why would one use concept maps? Here are a few reasons:
  • It helps in organizing information. When writing, you can sometimes lose your flow, leading some of your sentences to be out of context. As with energy being a broad topic, an energy concept map will help you lay out the essential points in an organized manner.
  • It is easy to create and very useful to any content area. A concept map is a straightforward approach to classifying information. Thus you can easily construct it using online diagramming tools. Its uses do not limit to the school setting as it can be used anywhere else.
  • It guides learners to create meaningful connections. Concept maps illustrate relationships among the elements in the diagram. It gives you a simple way to identify links of the central concept to its other components.

Energy Concept Map Templates

Here are some examples of an energy concept map that you can refer from:

Example 1

The illustration below shows the components of kinetic and potential energy. The example provides information about the two characteristics, making it easier for readers to understand the concept. This energy concept map usually applies when you are studying physics.

Example 2

The second template below shows a more detailed concept of energy. It tackles the different types of energy with few descriptions, the various components for each energy type, and the characteristics of the law of energy conservation.
The energy concept map below provides a bird's-eye view of how energy functions. Despite all the information in the diagram, the creator made sure to use colors to classify each category.

Example 3

The concept of energy can also be about its sources. Like the template below, you can explore several aspects of energy, considering how broad a subject it is. Here, it illustrates the different kinds of energy sources, and the creator classified them into renewable and non-renewable resources.

Example 4

This energy concept map below shows general energy information. It illustrates the types of energy, including its unit. It may now show how to calculate the energy, but the diagram discloses what comprises the unit of energy. At first glance, you can already identify the basics of energy.

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