10 Free Mind Map Templates for PowerPoint

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10 Free Mind Map Templates for PowerPoint

Imagine if our brain worked liked a planner – every thought organized and planned out perfectly, presented to you as and when you needed instead of a plethora of a million random ideas, emotions and thoughts running through our head each second! You can meditate or join as many brainstorming exercises as you like but you will never be able to fully control it. While there isn’t anything we can do about controlling our thoughts on the inside, there are certain tools that can make our thinking process more organized, efficient and effective. One such amazing and fun tool is Mind Maps. Using a mind map template PowerPoint can help you put your thoughts in order.

So, if you want to make mind map in PowerPoint, keep reading this article because we have put together a collection of 10 very useful and attractive mind map template PowerPoint for you today! But before we reveal the templates, first let’s see where you can create a mind map PowerPoint.

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Image Source: Pixabay.com

Free Online Mind Map Maker – EdrawMind

EdrawMind is a mind mapping tool that helps the users to visualize and present their thoughts in the form of diagrams. Unlike other online drawing tools, EdrawMind comes with professional-level drawing tools, a massive collection of editable templates, and affordable packages! EdrawMind also offers many other excellent features which include the following:

  • Permanent Free Trial – EdrawMind provides a permanent free trial for users and you don’t have to worry that you won’t use such a good tool anymore!
  • Cross-Platform – EdrawMind has software/apps for PC, Mobile, and Web; hence it is accessible on different platforms. You can find your mind maps from different devices.
  • Easy Log-in – When users sign up for a free account, the same account credentials can be used to log-in to different terminals without any restrictions.
  • Free Editable Templates – EdrawMind offers many free editable templates for different types of maps.
  • Customization Tools – Mind Map has different formatting tools to make custom mind maps.
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Different Types of Mind Map Templates for PowerPoint

1. Product Plan Mind Map Template
product plan mind map

Use this free template to design and plan your new product from scratch. You can add all the relevant information to produce the most detailed product plan in just a few simple steps. Add features, process details, costing, and more to create the best product plan for your next product launch!

2. Sales Business Plan Mind Map Template
sales business plan mind map

Source: cloudfront.net

This template is very useful for all the business individuals out there. Use this template to make a detailed Sales Business Plan quickly. You can add all information, such as Financial Plans, Products, and Services, Marketing Services, Analysis, etc. The Sales Business Plan Mind Map template is easily editable ad can be customized for free! 

3. SEO Analysis Mind Map Template
seo report mind map

Source: amazonaws.com

SEO is all the buzz for all online businesses. You can use this SEO Analysis Mind Map Template to create a fun yet informative monthly SEO report to analyze your online presence. So what are you waiting for? Download this template right now and edit it however you like!

4. Time Management Mind Map Template 
time management mind map

Source: mindtools.com

This Time Management Mind Map Template is helpful for everyone who is looking to manage the daily routine. Organize your tasks and events with the help of this template and keep track of your time. This versatile template is great for all the busy people out there who are struggling to manage work and life.

5. Good Sleep Mind Map Template
good sleep mind map

Anyone who is suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea can use this mind map to plan a good night’s sleep. Keep track of your sleeping schedule and how to avoid sleeplessness. Use this Good Sleep Mind Map Template right now and start sleeping like a baby!

6. How to Read Book Mind Map Template 
read book mind map

This How to Read Book Mind Map Template is a unique sort of mind map for all the avid readers and literature enthusiasts? Learn different types of reading with this mind map and improve your literary skill right now. So, create your own How to Read Book Mind Map with this template for free.

7. Fashion Brand Mind Map Template
fashion brand mind map

Are you a fashion blogger or a fashion marketer? Well, this Fashion Brand Mind Map Template will cover all your high-end fashion needs. It is easily customizable and editable so you can change it and set it per your preferences. Use this Fashion Brand Mind Map Template to put together your top 10 fashion labels! 

8. Global Warming Mind Map Template 
global warming mind map

Climate Awareness is rapidly becoming an important issue. Whether you are planning a school project, designing a presentation or planning any type of awareness campaign for Global Warming, this template will save you both time and effort. Discuss all the issues associated with Global Warming with the help of this Global Warming Mind Map Template.

9. Choose Best Chart Mind Map Template
choose best chart mind map

Learn how to draw different types of charts and graphs by using this free Best Chart Mind Map template. It consists of all the popular chart types which are commonly used in different fields to present visual data. It can be easily edited using EdrawMind in just a few simple steps.

10. Wedding Plan Mind Map Template
wedding plan mind map

Source: visual-paradigm.com

Wedding planning can be very stressful as you need to plan and keep track of several things at the same time. When people plan a wedding, it is important to keep the planning process as organized as possible. So, this Wedding Planning Mind Map Template can save you. Download this template and start your wedding preparations right away!  

Create a Mind Map for PowerPoint in Minutes

To make a mind map and show it in your presentation, you can use a free mind map template or create one from scratch, and then save your mind map as a PowerPoint file. Open your EdrawMind, click on Topic from Home tab to add your main topic on a free blank mind map template. Place additional information around the central idea using floating topics in the Home tab. Add branches to connect your subtopics with the main topic.

Then add text, visual signifiers, and other attractive features to make your mind map eye-catching. Besides, use the formatting tools on the ribbon and the right-side panes to customize and edit your mind map.

make mind map

You can save the mind map in EdrawMind as the MS PowerPoint format. For this, you need to go to File and click on Export or just click the export button on the quick access toolbar.

export mind map

Once the sub-window appears, choose the file location, name your file and click on Save. This mind map will be saved as an editable PPTX file. Hence, you can open and edit in PowerPoint now.