How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in PowerPoint?

Mind maps are a sort of diagram that is generally used to show knowledge and information about a particular idea. The critical subject or thought is set in the chart. However, the connected contemplations are associated with it.

Mind maps are generally called conceptualizing diagrams. The mind map is used by educators, understudies, money administrators, etc. For energetic getting the hang of, figuring out insights, and masterminding considerations as it is standard information that many individuals use PowerPoint to make the genuine substance. Hence, this article will tell you the best way to make a work breakdown structure template in Powerpoint.

How would you like to create your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) diagram?
Using an inbuilt WBS diagram template in EdrawMind
Time to complete: 1 minute
Manually create a WBS diagram in Word
Time to complete: 30 minutes

How to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in PowerPoint

Stage 1 – Open PowerPoint

To start with, you need to dispatch Microsoft PowerPoint to your work zone and select a short slide. Press the control button + A and sometime later Delete to clear out all the substance, boxes, words you want to delete from the PowerPoint slide.

Stage 2 – Create a PowerPoint Mind Map

To make a mind map in the application of PowerPoint, you have two options. Number one is to utilize the essential shapes in the insert option beside the home tab.

Utilizing Shapes

You will discover various shapes in the shapes option for you to choose, for example, square shapes, essential shapes, shocks, condition shapes, stream plots, and so on to draft an idea map utilizing Shapes:

  • Select the ideal structure for your fundamental subject and spot it in the slide.
  • Additionally, you can play around with the shapes and the standard subject for essential portions identified with the fundamental issue.
  • Add and connect the boxes and interface the structures with lines and branches.
Stage 3 – Edit and Customize

MS PowerPoint has a lot options in getting sorted out choices to alter and re-attempt the mind map. You can also utilize contraptions in the home option, then Insert tab, and Format option to change your mind map. You can add pictures, gifs, logos, and other visual cues like graphs and portrayals. Keep on changing unless you are content with your work breakdown structure template powerpoint

Stage 4 – Save File

At whatever point you have wrapped up masterminding your mind map, click on File > Save. After that another window will pop up; name your record, inspect file, district, and snap-on Save to store your report.

How to make a mind map in EdrawMind?

On the off chance that you are looking for programming arranged for mind maps, your best option if the EdrawMind app or online website. While on the other hand, EdrawMind comes with a lot of readymade mind maps templates that you won't find elsewhere.

EdrawMind is very versatile and can be opened in PC. Laptop, mobile phone and it is poly-stage. In this way, you can utilize it on your computers, laptops, and phones. If you need to make a significant and intriguing mind map, by then, follow these instructional steps:

Stage 1 – Launch EdrawMind

Dispatch the item and select the one needed template. You would then be able to dispatch a definite page to make your mind map without any planning.

To make a mind map in EdrawMind, we will make one without planning using the gadgets. To make a mind map, you will utilize unmistakable diagrammatic devices. Once you are done making your mind map, just go to the file option and save your word mind map.

Stage 2 – Draw Mind Maps

How to send out a EdrawMind mind map as a Powerpoint record?

When you wrap up making your mind map in EdrawMind, you will likewise see that the EdrawMind application maintains customers to convey Edraw reports in a couple of standard record types.

After you are finished making the mind map in EdrawMind, you can exchange it for PowerPoint. Likewise, you get the powerpoint version of the mind map, and you can install it into your work breakdown structure template powerpoint presentation.