How to Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Word?

A mind map is a detailed chart that addresses a coordinated assortment of musings and thoughts regarding a specific subject/idea. Mind maps in work breakdown structure template word are generally utilized by various kinds of people in numerous fields. They are beneficial visual devices for getting the hang of, putting together, and arranging.

Mind maps can be drawn by hand or with the assistance of a computerized instrument. You can make a mind map utilizing MS Word. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea of how to make a mind map in Word, at that point, follow our instructional exercise referenced in this article.

How would you like to create your work breakdown structure?

How to Create a WBS in Word

One must always create a work breakdown structure for projects for better planning, management, and evaluation of the projects. What you will achieve by breaking down the larger chunks is improved efficiency. Some other reasons to make a work breakdown structure in Word include the cost estimation of the projects, figuring out timelines, making schedules, assigning duties, determining challenges, and tracking overall work progress.

So making a work breakdown structure is pivotal. Otherwise, you will surely get stressed out. As you start to make a work breakdown structure in Word, try the following steps:

Step 1 – Open Word

Dispatch MS Word in any form you have in your work area and select an exact page. To make a mind map in Word, you can either utilize the basic shapes or select the SmartArt Graphics choice in the Illustration bunch under the Insert tab. Shockingly, there is no mind map template in Word.

Stage 2 – Draft Mind Maps

Before you start spreading out your mind map, you need to have the principal subject in mind. Distinguish the vital data about your theme and how they identify with it. Presently, to plan the mind map, Microsoft word utilizes any of the accompanying alternatives.

Also, you need to utilize basic shapes. Go to the Insert tab and snap on the drop-down bolt under Shapes; you will locate a few distinct shapes like square shapes, basic shapes, lines, block bolts, stream diagrams, and so on here. Select the ideal shape for your fundamental subject and draw it on your page with a work breakdown structure template for Word.

Stage 3 – Edit and Customize

MS Word has many arranging alternatives to alter and redo the mind map. Double-tap on the map to change it. Utilize the Home Tab and Insert Tab to change your mind map.

Stage 4 – Save File

Whenever you have finished your mind map, click on File and save for dispatching the sub-window. Name your archive, select document area, and snap-on Save.

How to Make a Work Breakdown Structure Diagram in EdrawMind

EdrawMind is an excellent application for making work breakdown structure diagrams and different kinds of graphs. It's effectively accessible for stages like web, desktop, and mobile.

It provides you with multiple exciting templates for work breakdown structures. Also, these all are customizable in all perspectives, i.e., layout, information, and design. Even if a group of students or colleagues is working on the same project, the real-time team collaboration function comes to the rescue.

Stage 1 – Download and Open EdrawMind
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At first, open the EdrawMind work region application. You will see different kinds of maps under Available Templates. After that pick the Radial Map template for your WBS structure mind map. You can pick an instant template to browse in the EdrawMind application where you can start your mind mapping with no further ado.

Stage 2 – Create your Mind Map
Create Mind Map

To draw a mind map without any planning, use the gadgets in Home Tab in the EdrawMind work programming to make a mind map, click on Topic for the essential subject, add any littler points or exchangeable topics, and in conclusion, add map branches utilizing or demonstrating the Relationship decision. Finally, you can likewise enter text as per your mind map.

Stage 3 – Edit your Mind Map
Edit Mind Map

Add tones and visual signifiers to make your mind map engaging. You can use the Format Tab on the right half of the screen to play with colors, text styles, establishment, etc. Moreover, you can add pictures, blueprints, and watermarks, and anything is possible from that point! Continue to change until you are satisfied.

How to Export EdrawMind Work Breakdown Structure Diagram as a Word file?

Word breakdown structures are a prime part of the lengthy documentation of a project. Often people go for MS Office like Word or Excel to satisfy their needs; however, building your Word breakdown structure diagram is better with software optimized for this function. And it can be none other than EdrawMind.

When you complete your work breakdown structure mind map in EdrawMind, explore the File tab, click Export and select Export to Word on the right menu. At that point, you will have an editable Word mind map and can embed the map into any record.

Likewise, EdrawMind also bolsters clients to trade their manifestations in a few everyday record arrangements. There will be no problems and restraint for you to send or share your mind map with others. All of you can see, alter or change the work breakdown structure template word in the MS Word program.